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MIKE RINDER ASSAULTED MY MOTHER, PERMANENTLY DISABLING HER: In 2010, my “father” grabbed my mom’s arms, crushing and twisting them so hard that she sustained lacerations, bruises, nerve damage, and a shoulder injury.


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Part of being a decent human being is being able to accept criticism, and respect others and what they feel or think. Equally important is being willing and able to take another person’s view.

I have lived my life with a father that, more often than not, criticized others and refused to respect their views, which definitely included me, my brother and my mom. If something did not benefit him, it was to be scorned, ridiculed or just simply ignored.

This resulted in a childhood that, where he was concerned, left a bad taste in my mouth. His actions, and inactions, left it clear to me, that my father, Mike Rinder, did not love me. Some of this was a “void,” in a sense, and thus hard to put in words, but I am guessing you have either experienced it yourself or can get the idea.

And as his daughter, I thought it was me—there was something wrong with me. It was only later that I realized it had been him all along.

And this trait lives on in him today. And it is really not nice to experience.

I saw this recently when someone on my father, Mike Rinder's, social account, questioned him about something. This man has no affiliation with me at all—I’ve never met him. He's just a normal guy who happened to ask Mike Rinder a question. And the response that he got was an instant attack. He attacked him and accused him of ridiculous things and didn't answer the question. He just put it right back on the guy, like the guy was at fault or wrong. And while this is not nice and is definitely rude, it is typical of Mike Rinder—which is why I continue to speak out against his ill-treatment of others.

Discrimination, hate, violence, victim shaming—they aren't acceptable. And people are trying to change that narrative. We can all make the world a better place by doing just a little.

There is already too much violence and hate in the world. No one wants to see a man who domestically abused his wife get supported—such as any last support my father, Mike Rinder, has.

I, therefore, continue to speak out about his abuse and attack on my mom which left her permanently physically damaged.

As an update: my mom is still in pain every day of her life from that attack. But besides that, she is living her life and doing well. My brother and I, and our families, are also doing very well.

Regarding the podcast that Leah Remini and my father were using to victim shame my mom consistently and continually, it has lost quite a bit of support. And it is no wonder why—they were in violation of iHeart's official rules, which expressly prohibits hate content, including content that could incite violence. And as the podcast was almost entirely hate, not to mention lies, profanity, and truly insensitive behavior...

Fortune 500 companies have said, “No, we're not advertising on their podcast anymore.” Good for them. Because good, decent people see the hate they incite and know it must not be supported.

As I mentioned, this podcast has been used to victim shame, harass and accuse my mom and I of telling “stories,” called the assault on her “bullshit,” labeled photos of my mom’s swollen, battered arm “unreal,” criticized my advocacy work as “insane” and stated my mom and I are “hostages” who have been “mentally kidnapped.” Nice, right?

For anyone that's still supporting this podcast, or Remini or Rinder’s hate-filled shows or social media accounts, in any way, you should follow suit and stop supporting the hate.

We can all agree this world has too much hate already, and it's very clear violence is not acceptable. And violence against women is not acceptable anytime, anyplace.



My advocacy work to raise awareness about domestic violence and help support domestic violence victims continues. The main focus has been speaking out against my father, Mike Rinder, who domestically abused my mother. She is in pain every day of her life because of his attack. I have spoken out about his continuous hateful actions against me and his relentless victim shaming of my mom. And I have stressed repeatedly that a man who abuses women, who treat others with hate and spite, should not be supported.

I wanted to reverse the script this time -- to tell you about the men in my family that are kind, loving, and worth supporting. I spoke about just 4 of them, but there are more. Check out my video. I talk about my late grandfather Ian, my brother Benjamin, my Uncle-Dad Andrew and one of my cousins, Spencer. I am sure each of you has a man, or many men, who should be supported!

We must reflect on our families and lives and pay attention to the people around us that should be supported. These are the people you depend on, the ones who “got your back,” the friends who make you feel good and encourage you to follow your dreams.

Let’s create a better world by supporting good men. Not abusers.

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