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My Unanswered Email to A+E CEO Paul Buccieri

I sent this email to A&E Network CEO Paul Buccieri. I never heard back. I think this is too important to be buried and unanswered. It deserves to see the light of day. Therefore, I decided to share this because it is not OK for Buccieri and A&E to continue to support the man who damaged my mother for life. Dear Mr. Buccieri, I am writing this hoping that you will hear me out. I believe you will be glad that you listened. My father, Mike Rinder, a man who you employ and support by putting on the air on a family TV network, brutally assaulted my mother in front of my eyes in 2010. He cracked her shoulder, tore her skin and mauled her arms. If you or any other man in a network job, or the host

There is NO excuse for Domestic Violence!  DISNEY/A&E Fire Mike Rinder!

Why is my father so afraid of his own daughter that he and his clique viciously attack me? As those who have been following me know, in March I decided I could no longer stand by as women were coming out about abuse in the TV industry. I was inspired by their courage. At the same time, I was outraged that A&E and its parent company Disney continued to financially support my father, Mike Rinder, and allowed him to be on the air when I personally witnessed my father violently abuse my mother and damage her for life. I could not and still cannot take the hypocrisy. That’s when I decided to launch Justice4Mom. The goal is simple. It’s about achieving not only justice for my mother, but bringing

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