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Pillars Of Society, Fathers

Fathers are one of the most important pillars of our society. Therefore their care and love for their children is also of the utmost importance.

We can all agree with that. Thus I encourage fathers to support, enhance and nurture their children.

Fathers who don't do this and instead mistreat, abuse and hate their children are in turn ruining our future generations.

As I lived through an abusive life as a child at the hands of my father, I have worked steadily to raise awareness of domestic violence.

I don't want anyone else to have to experience their mother getting abused to the point of breaking bones, like I did. No child diagnosed with cancer and given 5 years to live should have their father come and harass them with a camera crew for publicity, like my brother did.

It is the decision of the individual to be an awful father. There is always a choice to love and support your children. Mike Rinder just made the choice to hate his children. He is a perpetrator of abuse and hate and always has been. I stand strong in my fight against domestic violence.

Make your home abuse free!

I give a very Happy Father's Day to all of those fathers loving and helping their children!

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