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What Kind Of Man Is Mike Rinder

As it is now 2021 and we’re straight into the new year, my intention is to continue my justice4mom campaign stronger than ever and to continue shedding light on the fact that Mike Rinder, who is my father, abused my mother and damaged her for life.

It makes you wonder, what kind of man brutally attacks his wife, breaks her shoulder, causes her nerve damage, gouges her flesh and walks away and doesn’t care. And then, on top of it, shames the victim nonstop and denies that he had any responsibility for any of the damage that he caused to her. What kind of man does this? I mean, really, honestly—you think, who could do this? Mike Rinder can do this. And he did do that.

We definitely all know the stereotypical bully. The guy that everyone knows is going to harass people, he does it for a living. He doesn’t care about anybody and doesn't have a heart. His only thought is himself and dishonestly making a living at the expense of others. That is Mike Rinder. That is how he can attack his family and physically damage another human being, his former wife.

That is, again, another reason why I'm adamantly against him being supported because somebody like that should not be supported. And I think we all agree on that. The good people in the world do agree on that and they see Mike Rinder for who he is and do not support him. And so that's where the supporters that I have really play a strong part in my campaign because each person speaking out, every person saying something supporting ending domestic violence makes that difference.

Thank you for everybody that is doing that.

Again, I seek justice for my mom.

Stop Mike Rinder’s support.


2021—the year to end

any support of Mike Rinder


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