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International Human Rights Day

Today is International Human Rights Day. On this International Human Rights Day, I honor and support all of those organizations that raise awareness on domestic violence and any human rights violations.

In the United States 30% of women are abused or injured by either their spouses or intimate partner. And only a third of them get medical attention that they need based on the injuries they sustained. Those are pretty horrific statistics.

It is someone’s basic human rights to not be beaten, to not be assaulted and to not be domestically abused.

That is why I speak out about my father Mike Rinder’s abuse of my mother.

That is why I continue to show the photos of the damage that was done to my mother’s body by Mike Rinder and why I continue to show her damaged arm, her broken shoulder, the X-rays, the medical reports documenting the damage that was done by Mike Rinder.

And I will continue to show them because my mother’s human rights were violated by Mike Rinder and so I am raising awareness for her and for anybody else that has had that happen to them so that it can be changed and we can make a difference. And human rights can be a reality for everybody around the world.

Truth is truth and my father, Mike Rinder, lies like abusers do and tries to shame the victim—my mom. That is a violation of basic human rights. This is one example of why I work to raise awareness. It is up to each of us to do what we can to make human rights a reality, starting with women who have been abused by their spouse.

Join me in supporting like-minded groups.

Join me in not supporting Mike Rinder, an abuser.

Join me in celebrating International Human Rights Day. It’s important to everybody across the globe. It doesn’t matter your color, your race, what language you speak, what you believe in, human rights affect all of us. So it is within all of our interest to do something about it.

Happy International Human Rights Day!



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