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Happy New Year!

With all that 2020 brought with the pandemic and the lockdown. I think all of us are going to be quite happy to see a new year upon us and to make that a much better year than 2020 was.

The pandemic hitting in March and the lockdowns and people staying at home created an environment that generated an increase in domestic violence statistics during this time.

Our resolutions for 2021 must include to continue to raise awareness and bring those statistics down in 2021.

My New Year’s resolutions include:

  • To continue to tell the truth about Mike Rinder, my father, who domestically abused my mother, caused her damage that cannot be repaired. And bringing to light and showing the truth so that people really know who Mike Rinder is and do not support him.

  • To pour the coals on speaking out against domestic violence perpetrators like Mike Rinder and making sure that they don't get supported.

  • To do my part to raise awareness about domestic violence.

  • And a very important New Year’s resolution for me is to do anything I can to help my mom not be in pain every single day of her life.

  • To keep on loving my family in any way that I can and in every way that I can.

  • And in all parts of my life, continuing to flourish and prosper.

  • So I wish you all a very bright New Year and a big welcome into 2021.


Happy New Year!

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