Open letter to daughters of domestic abuse victims:

​My mother Cathy was a victim of domestic abuse. Nearly 10 years ago I watched as my father, Mike Rinder, attacked and viciously assaulted her right in front of me. I can still hear her screams today. The violence I witnessed is seared in my memory.


Since then, my mom has had to undergo surgery while spending countless hours in physical therapy. Her orthopedic surgeon has told her she will never regain full use of her arm again and will spend her life in pain. Even today she needs me to help her with some of the most basic everyday tasks.


Like too many domestic abusers, my father is in denial and even blames the victim. He has never taken responsibility for his actions. Instead, he was handsomely rewarded to appear on air by a Walt Disney-owned company, A & E, which brushed off my mother and me whenever we tried to bring this to their attention. But someone listened and he was fired! I want to thank Walt Disney for doing the right thing. 


Men who commit domestic violence need to be held accountable, starting with my father, Mike Rinder.


Please join me in raising awareness for victims of domestic abuse. Together our voices can raise awareness of domestic abuse, change public attitudes toward men who assault their wives and shine a light on those who support and enable them.


Thank you,


Taryn Teutsch

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