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Hi everybody. It’s Taryn, I’m with justice4mom. And this is the second video in the series.

I wanted to bring about the awareness of what happens to someone when they are abuse by a man like Mike Rinder.

In the case of my mom, because Mike Rinder—seemed to me that he was trying to kill her—damaged her physically in a severe way, she cannot do normal tasks anymore because of her state.

For example, when she walks, her right arm does not move because it doesn’t have the nerve response, because the nerves were damaged.

She can’t lift anything and if there is something she needs to lift, if it’s very light she can do it with her left arm but otherwise she has to have someone else do that for her.

She can’t shake someone’s hand at all. It’s really painful.

She can’t open packages.

And all of these things are things that most people, if not all people, take for granted—but because of Mike Rinder’s violence—my mom is not able to do the routine.

Nobody should have to go through what she had to go through. And no man, ever, has an excuse to hurt a woman or anybody else for that matter. And no one should be supporting a man that hurts a women, period. No woman should ever have to endure violence/hate/pain. So that is my message—A&E stop supporting men who abuse women. Stop supporting Mike Rinder.

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