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Help Friends

Hello. This is Taryn with Friends, we all have them. We depend on them. They depend on us. They are there with us in good times and in bad. That is why I wanted to talk to you about friends, in regards to Domestic Violence and Domestic Abuse. As a friend, you are closest to someone. Out of the 7.7 billion people on Earth, you are going to know your friend more than 99.99999 percent of the population. Therefore, you will know or at least see any signs of Domestic violence or domestic abuse. This is when you must not close your eyes to that domestic abuse, or when you suspect domestic abuse, but help your friend fix it as my friends have helped support me in the devastatio

My Birthday Wishes 2020

Today is my birthday! So I’m celebrating it most especially because last year on my birthday, just shortly after I blew out my candles actually, A&E and Disney stopped supporting my abusive father. That was my wish last year and they made it come true. So thank you for that! My father is an abusive man. His name is Mike Rinder and he brutally attacked my mother and has no shame, no regrets—nothing—for what he did. Happily, justice has been served. And so this year, for 2020, my goal and my birthday wish is that across the globe we end the support that men who domestically abuse women are given. I celebrate this birthday with my Mom who gave birth to me and my brother and she raised us

Join a Group

My next piece of advice for someone who has been through, witnessed or knows of domestic violence or abuse is to join other organizations with like-minded goals. There are so many groups, non-profits and organizations there to help survivors of domestic violence. They are usually volunteer based, and so every person who can help counts. It was very clear to me after the vicious attack on my mother by my father, Mike Rinder, that I had to do something to help other victims of domestic violence. I knew there would be other people who experienced the same. And there were. The ramifications of the domestic violence in our family was a hard pill to swallow. The destruction in its wake physically

Daughters Helping Their Moms

I am the daughter of a domestic violence survivor. My father, Mike Rinder, out of the blue, attacked my mom and broke her shoulder in front of my eyes.He caused her nerve damage that will never be able to be healed. She’s had to have years of physical therapy. She’s had an operation. The list goes on. When my father, Mike Rinder, brutally and viciously attacked my mother and hurt her to the point where she will never ever heal for the rest of her life, that’s when I decided okay, I want to give other people ideas of what they can do if they’re in the similar situation. I think it so important that daughters support their mom in the wake of domestic violence because that’s a very hard time fo

My New Year's Resolution

Happy New Year from Justice4mom! As we enter a new decade let’s pledge to end domestic abuse! In 2019, I was blessed. The man who abused my mother, my father Mike Rinder was fired and A&E cancelled his show. In this new year we will put an end to the support of all abusive men! Let’s count our blessings for this new decade. Cheers! #HappyNewYear #2020NoAbuse #LoveNotHate

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