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International Day Of Happiness

The International Day of Happiness has, as one of its purposes, to bring about the awareness of happiness as a fundamental human goal. And so, of course, that's what we want: people to be happy.

This is where it ties into my campaign and my justice4mom voice. Because my mom's happiness was absolutely challenged when my father, Mike Rinder, attacked her. It was a domestic violence attack done with a lot of animosities, force, and intention to harm. And that is what Mike Rinder achieved because my mom is crippled for life and her right arm will never, ever, ever, fully heal and never be fully mobile and not in pain for the rest of her days. That's not what I call happiness, and that is the result of Mike Rinder’s attack.

I don't want to see somebody else, like Mike Rinder, who does that to other people. Someone who works to dampen and crush other people’s happiness. I don’t want to see that person supported. So I'm taking the chance on this International Day of Happiness to raise awareness against those who crush others.

Instead, I want everybody to be happy and to spread happiness.

Do things that make people happy and have a happy day.

I wish you a happy week.

And until then, stay happy!


International Day

of Happiness


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