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Medical Reports Say It All

The results of Mike Rinder’s Abuse My mom is 5' 4", she’s a small woman. Mike Rinder, my father, was in a rage when he grabbed her and put his body weight and pressure onto her body. This broke her shoulder—fractured the bones—and then caused nerve damage. There were also flesh wounds. The majority of the damage was to her right arm. That was where the break occurred. The flesh wounds got infected and other ramifications happened. She’s damaged for life. A renowned orthopedic surgeon that not only saw my mother but actually performed the operation on her, said “It was some fairly significant force placed on that extremity,” which would have been her arm, “which would cause a fair amount of p

Taryn Justice4momPandemic Series 2020

There’s definitely no question about the domestic abuse and the fact that Mike Rinder violently attacked my mother. That’s not even a question. That’s what happened. But harassment is his stock in trade. And he refuses to admit the truth. And this classifies him, by that, as a denier of his own actions. Mike Rinder reinvents history. The attack on my mother—the gouged flesh, the broken shoulder, the damaged nerves, pain for life—that gets rewritten to be his story, his reputation, what is going to forward his maybe money flow. I don’t know what it is, but everything’s twisted to fit into his story and that’s it. It doesn’t matter what the real story is. That is why I started speaking up abou

Lies About Family

We’ve had a very crazy year with a lot of different things that we probably didn’t expect were going to happen. But the thing that I do think is awesome is where people are really showing how much they care for their loved ones and going out of their way to show that, despite all of the COVID-19 restrictions and whatever else might get in the way. We saw a lot of it on SGN, Some Good News with John Krasinski, so many heart-warming, touching stories showing people making that extra effort for their loved ones and I thought that was really cool. Unfortunately, when it comes to my father, Mike Rinder, it’s kind of the opposite world. Instead of taking this chance with this pandemic and going, “

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