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An Appeal Against Domestic Violence

I have a father, Mike Rinder, who animalistically attacked my mother in a domestic violence situation, and he caused her damage for life. He caused her to be in pain every single day of her life and to have to go through surgery to try to live a sort of normal life—a life that is not in complete and utter pain every day.

But permanently damaging my mother and causing that physical pain wasn’t enough for Mike Rinder. He now has to and does continue to, on a daily basis, spread hate and harass our family, my mother, my brother and my father’s siblings. That is Mike Rinder.

Not only is the pain real but now my father tries to inflict emotional pain on my mother as well, denying what he did to her and trying to make it look like she is imagining it. That is why I have the medical reports with me. The paramedic report says the victim “was grabbed forcefully by husband.” It says "unarmed assault." "Husband forcefully grabbed her by the arm." That’s what happened.

Her arm was infected, blistered and there were finger marks from the pressure that Mike Rinder was putting on her and how much pressure, pain and flesh damage was done to her body. And then the x-rays showed her shoulder was cracked. It’s not a matter of opinion. It is science—medical science. Those are the facts.

And that is why I want to end abusers spreading hate or harassing their victims even more after they’ve already physically abused them. It’s like pouring salt in the wound. I have watched it with my mom and I am unwilling for other women to experience this emotional pain after the physical pain. I think it’s disgusting.

And I’ve seen my mom go through it with my father who physically attacked and harmed her. To now have him be allowed by various platforms to spread hate about that and make fun of her and make less of the situation—that is unconscionable.

My mom is injured for life. We have a woman that has been abused by her husband and he’s being let to get away with pooh-poohing that. So I feel very strongly about it and I think it needs to be taken up. And the people supporting him need to not support that. And by supporting him, you’re supporting that.

I appreciate all your care and attention. And to all the people out there that are supporting me and support the ending-domestic-violence community, thank you. We don’t want domestic violence. And we don’t want domestic abuse.

Stay safe and stay healthy and happy. This is Taryn with justice4mom.

Domestic violence is its own pandemic.

Expose the truth.


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