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Consequences Of Mike Rinder’s Abuse

My father, Mike Rinder, in 2007 up and left. Just fully 100% deserted our family and my brother, my mom, his family, his mother, his brother, sister that all live in Australia and he left. So we go to see him in Florida. His brother came from Australia.

We went to reconcile this as a family. We get there and he had no interest in talking to us. As a matter of fact, the first thing I know, he’s on my mom, screaming at her, screaming profanities, yelling at her, “You b-i-t-c-h!” And with such hatred.

I remember very vividly standing there and seeing it and thinking to myself: “He wants to hurt her, he wants to hurt her. He hates her more than anything in the whole world.” And that’s what came across. And he then was grabbing her arms while he was in this rage. And he was holding onto her arms and he was cracking her shoulder and causing her flesh wounds and damage and nerve damage and injuring her for life. It is hard to think about it today, years later, because that picture doesn’t go out of your mind—watching my father, Mike Rinder, assaulting my mother.

She is damaged for life because of Mike Rinder.

And now life entails working around that pain and helping my mom be as happy and as physically well as she can be considering the circumstances of the permanent damage.

Her pain haunts me every single day. And I want that to end. I want her pain to end.

And I want the support of Mike Rinder to end. I want him to take responsibility for what he did and stop denying the damage he caused and what pain he inflicted on this other human being.

Thank you for your continued support. It makes a difference.

This is Taryn with justice4mom.

Domestic violence is its own pandemic

Expose the truth.


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