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This is MY Day

Today is a great day! It is the celebration of the day I was born. And I can happily say I am proud of where I am today - my life, my job, my beliefs and my dearest family members. The happiest I have ever been. My greatest joy in life is helping others.

Despite these facts, my father, Mike Rinder is spending this day causing harm and spreading hate. He domestically abused my mom. And continues to spread lies and false information about me and my family. #worldsworstdad. He will even do it on his own daughter's birthday. But I guess that is not new. My whole life he ignored me, forgot my birthday, didn't make it for my birthday. To the point that I was positive (and I was right) that he hated me my whole life - he knows this is true, because I told him that is how I felt the last time I ever spoke to him. And then he deserted our family with not one word...

I will still have a spectacular birthday and celebrate artists who do use their platform to help end domestic violence. Those are the real artists and celebrities.

Happy Birthday to all the other 22 January babies!

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