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Hi everybody. This is the fourth of a series of ten videos that are illuminating ten things that a woman should never have to endure.

And this one is covering specifically the subject of dining and how domestic violence has affected that in our family. And what my mother has to now do in order to even just eat because of the violence she endured at the hands of Mike Rinder.

My mom can’t actually lift and hold full glasses of anything. She can’t carry her own coffee or any of that kind of stuff. She’s broken many glasses, actually.

She eats with her left hand. And mostly eats things that she doesn’t have to cut.

Here’s an example. If she goes to a restaurant with some friends or something, she actually can’t order a steak because she can’t cut it and is too embarrassed to ask someone to cut her food. So she always orders food that she can eat with her left hand. Or precut food.

She can’t carry food. So someone else carries it. And it may seem mundane, but it’s also demeaning and it’s embarrassing and it hurts actually when she tries, because she’s trying to be socially acceptable or whatever.

So that’s how she has solved this as a result of the damage caused by Mike Rinder.

So the point is, we might take it for granted, that we can go cut our food but she can’t. And that’s because of the violence and the domestic violence that she has had to live through and we have had to live through at the hands of Mike Rinder.

Thus, I really turn to all the audiences that have supported/watched A&E’s show and allowed them to get away with spreading violence and supporting a man who abuses women. I’m asking you to stop supporting him, that’s all.

And for all of my supporters and the people who have been working with me to raise awareness to end domestic violence—thank you very much.

No woman should ever have to endure violence/hate/pain. Stop supporting men who abuse women.

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