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In Celebration of Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is a day that we all celebrate with people that we love to show them that we love them. And to me, that’s a really special day, and I don’t think we should let domestic abuse or domestic violence get in the way of that.

Nobody should have to live through domestic violence, thinking that somebody loves them and then turning around and domestically abusing them.

Until my father domestically abused my mother and viciously attacked her. I never in a million years—and nobody else in my entire family—would have ever, ever thought that domestic violence would affect our family or happen in our family.

I really learned with my experience of my father, Mike Rinder, attacking my mother to not take for granted those that I do still love and do love me.

I learned to not let one person’s hate change my feelings about those that I love.

I really know truly and honestly that there are many very happy relationships and good people that have wonderful loving relationships and that’s what I want for everybody. And that’s my message for Valentine’s Day is for the person that you love, love them like there’s no tomorrow. By spreading an example and a message of love, we can inspire so many people and we can actually overpower the hate that comes with domestic violence and put an end to domestic violence.

So show somebody that you love them and show them every single day of the year. Make every day Valentine’s. Spread love. That’s the best part about Valentine’s you can spread love, not hate.

So have a very, very happy Valentine’s Day!


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