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Welcome Back to Justice4mom

Hello, everyone!

It’s Taryn with justice4mom. I hope you all have stayed safe and well.

I’ve been definitely wanting to get back to vlogging and blogging in this COVID-19 era because I keep reading about and seeing that the domestic violence statistics have gone up tremendously over this period. So it is quite clear we have a lot of work to do to get domestic violence ended.

I have spent the last six months with my mom, making sure she was safe as this pandemic hit. Her body has already been weakened by the abuse of Mike Rinder and she’s already had to go through surgery and remains in pain. So that made it all the more important for me to take care of her during this time and put special attention on making sure she was going to be safe.

That has been my top priority for quite some months now. And at this point, it is a matter of getting used to the new normal, which is not something I thought would ever happen, but we're doing that. So here I am.

Today I wanted to talk to you about that exact subject—keeping our families safe. My mom—she’s 5’4’’, maybe a little shorter, and weighs just over a hundred pounds. And my father, Mike Rinder, is well over 200 pounds and brutally attacked my petite mom. In this attack he broke her shoulder.

I want to put into perspective how much pain she has been in and the resulting care she has had to have because of the abuse by Mike Rinder. I want to give you an idea of how badly he hurt her:

To start off, the day the attack happened, she had blood all over her arm—her shirt—it was dripping on the ground, profusely bleeding. And my mom was yelling out to my father, Mike Rinder, at one point, “Let go! Let go!” And he was screaming profanities in her face. But the point being, by this time he had harmed her.

An ambulance was called. The paramedics came. They did the immediate handlings that were needed to dress her wounds and make sure she was fine and, you know, from all that we could see, they took care of that. Good. So that’s what happened the day that it happened. Bandage it up, etc.

But in a few weeks she was in a lot of pain still. And it wasn’t just where the flesh wound was. She was in pain on the whole side of her body. And I determined we need to get this checked out. I was worried. That’s when we took her to a doctor.

The doctor examined her arm and at this point her arm was completely swollen. It had been infected. The doctor inspected that and we did a few other things, but the pain still didn’t go away.

Next thing we did was go to a renowned orthopedic surgeon and x-ray and examine her more—beyond just the flesh wound. The question was, “What else happened that day?” Because something happened as she never recovered. Well, she had said that she could hear bones creak when my father grabbed her. Meaning she heard bones cracking while the incident was happening and she was being attacked by Mike Rinder. So the orthopedic surgeon said, after the x-rays and the examination, “Your shoulder’s cracked and it’s causing nerve damage. You need surgery.” That at least explained some of it and why she was still in pain.

So then we had the surgery. And it was a very lengthy recovery time with physical therapy afterwards to get the shoulder to get to any mobility. It required weekly physical therapy, medical attention, the operation and then of course follow-up appointments with the surgeon. And seeing a masseuse every week. This went on for weeks on end and it was just continuing.

My mother’s pain still to this day has not gone away. She is in pain every day. It is heart-wrenching to me. And it really just puts in perspective, you know, and shows how badly she was hurt by my father Mike Rinder. And that’s what I’m trying to get across, because it means something to me.

This is why I find it so vile and disgusting that Mike Rinder continues to deny his abuse and use whatever platforms he has to harass my mother, me, my family, to tell lies about us and to deny the fact that he hurt her.

Maybe someday he'll take responsibility for his actions, but in the meanwhile I'm not going to let Mike Rinder get away with denying what did happen, and I'm going to continue to tell the truth of what happened. I know what I know is true. And so this is where justice4mom comes in and why I started this campaign and the reason it's so near and dear to my heart: to expose domestic violence and bring justice to Mike Rinder for his abuse of my mother.

So thank you very much for being here with me today.

Stay safe!

Domestic violence is its own pandemic.

Expose the truth.


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