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Women Run LA recently held several runs in support of the non-profit, Safe Passage. As soon as I heard about it I signed up with my justice4mom team.

What meant the most to me about running in this race was that I was supporting women and children who have had to leave homes due to domestic violence. I can relate to the victims as I am a daughter of a domestic violence survivor and in fact, a domestic violence survivor myself.

The perpetrator of this domestic violence was my father, Mike Rinder. He willfully and violently harmed my mother. There is a deplorable life-long story leading up to the attack (including the fact did nothing to care for my brother when he was going through treatment for a rare and life threatening cancer with just years to live), which I won't get into now. This abuse culminated in this final violent attack, which cracked and damaged my mom's shoulder and arm so forcefully she had to get surgery. But the surgery couldn’t repair all of the damage. And after extensive physical therapy, doctor visits, etc., we’ve learned that she will never fully recover from the injury. She is crippled for life.

I want to add a statement here about Mike’s character. He is a misanthrope and spreads hate with wild abandon. The fact that his two children (myself and my brother) grew up with the feeling that he hated us gives a clear view as to his nature. This is the kind of man who is capable of physically and emotionally hurting women and children, like those I supported in doing this race and donating to this very special charity.

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