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Justice 4 Mom

The subject matter is my father, Mike Rinder, and his domestic abuse.

He attacked my mom and he had been married to her for decades and had two children with her. And so, in front of me, one of the children they had together, my father, Mike Rinder—domestically abused my mom. Nothing can be worse than a daughter seeing her father violently attack her mother.

That day in Florida is emblazoned in my mind. I was there with my uncle and my mom and we had gone down there to Florida—I live in California—because we had a really important family matter to take up. And to resolve.

But it was a completely different picture when we got there because he didn't want to see us. He didn't give a hoot about us, what we came to see him about, how we were doing.

First thing after we approached him, he was already holding my mom's arms, keeping her from being able to move, putting a lot of pressure and his weight and his body on her and hurting her. And breaking her shoulder, cracking and fracturing her shoulder. And making her bleed. Then an ambulance was called. Mike Rinder was on a full-on attack against her and really it was very clear he hated her.

So my mom’s standing there. She's just been damaged for life by him and he didn't care about that. He didn’t care about the fact that his daughter, me, is standing there. And he just did this in front of me. He didn’t care about that. What father does that? Mike Rinder does that.

And that’s what my justice4mom is about. It’s about making sure that men that abuse women and are hateful towards their families aren’t supported. And they shouldn’t be supported by any one and certainly not a media outlet and definitely not by any reporter.

So this is Taryn with justice 4mom, an eye witness to Mike Rinder’s domestic violence.

2021—the year to end

any support of Mike Rinder


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