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Networking a Couple of Days Before Father's Day

I am moving forward with my campaign, lining up resources, networking and otherwise engaging with like-minded individuals to make a change and stop domestic violence. I found this great place to meet people today—a very hip, engaging work environment which opens the door for me to many more opportunities for networking, making friends, getting my message out, helping others and takes me another step closer to establishing myself and justice4mom! The nice man at the front desk, Johnson, was very helpful and friendly. He answered all of my questions, helped me to register and was just great. The environment is work-based and convenient. It feels like home! I am looking forward to meeting peopl

Women of Passion, Working to Help Each Other Accomplish Change

It was a beautiful mild summer morning today and our drive down to Santa Monica was worth getting through all the traffic to be there at 10. After brunch and a brief meet and greet the four panelists and the two young women who organized and presented the event all resonated with me because one for one in their own way they want to help people, especially women, and have stopped at nothing to accomplish their passions. I found this very commendable and inspiring and uplifting. And seeing these women, who in their own way are just like me, strengthened my resolve to know that I will prevail in my campaign to #FireMikeRinder and get #Justice4Mom. More than any other event I’ve attended, the au

Modern Day Domestic Abuse: How We Can Offer More Support to the Victims

Domestic abuse, particularly against women in the world, is a hot topic issue in the media today thanks to the powerful #MeToo movement and the exposure of Harvey Weinstein and other notorious sexual predators and abusers. There’s a reason the movement is so popular: 1 in 4 women (24.3%) ages 18-years and older have been the victim of severe physical violence by an intimate partner. Our society has advanced tremendously over the past few hundreds of years; why does such behavior continue? Media Glorification For starters, it doesn’t help that abusers are given massive media spotlights. Many of them continue to act and secure their influential role in public, reinforcing their invincibility.

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