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Join a Group

My next piece of advice for someone who has been through, witnessed or knows of domestic violence or abuse is to join other organizations with like-minded goals.

There are so many groups, non-profits and organizations there to help survivors of domestic violence. They are usually volunteer based, and so every person who can help counts.

It was very clear to me after the vicious attack on my mother by my father, Mike Rinder, that I had to do something to help other victims of domestic violence.

I knew there would be other people who experienced the same. And there were.

The ramifications of the domestic violence in our family was a hard pill to swallow. The destruction in its wake physically was quite something to contend with. My mother had to recover from surgery from the damage that my father, Mike Rinder, inflicted on her. It took months and years. It was draining.

That is why there are groups and like-minded organizations that are lending support to those affected by domestic violence. While I forged ahead on my plans to get justice4mom established, I signed up, donated to and supported and joined other domestic violence support groups.

When I joined others working on the same purpose and goals, to end support of men who inflict domestic abuse, like my father Mike Rinder, and to put an end to domestic abuse, I knew then I was lending a hand to others who deserved support. It felt good. I knew it was good. And there is nothing like being part of a team working together. I highly recommending joining such a group.

It will take a lot of work from each of us to put an end to domestic violence. Start with signing up to support any group you want, that is helping in the fight against domestic violence.

There are so many women out there who commended me for standing up against my father, Mike Rinder, for the horrible actions he did against my mom. These women were members of groups fighting such domestic abuse. Groups are there for you. They were there for me.

Join in and help other women. All of us together will make the difference! Thank you in advance for the support you will give!

This is Taryn with Justice4mom.

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