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Victim Shaming

Welcome. I am here speaking up so that people don’t support a man that abuses women—Mike Rinder. And, speaking up so that my mom doesn’t go to her grave having never gotten justice.

I know: I’ve seen all sides of the equation. I’ve seen my father being a belligerent, irresponsible person who is shaming my mom. And I’ve seen my mom living every single day in pain and having to rearrange her life because of that pain caused by my father, Mike Rinder.

Thus, my justice4mom campaign and my voice and me speaking out against Mike Rinder. And speaking out against him so that people understand what he is like and so that they don’t fall into the same trap.

I was a witness to—an eyewitness actually—to my father, Mike Rinder, attacking my mom. That incident is imprinted on my mind. The pain that he caused my mother is very clear in my mind—not only from that day but all the way since, because she’s in pain every single day due to this abuse.

Some of the things that happened and the damage that was caused by this domestic violence attack was that it really injured my mother’s nerves. I don’t know if you’ve ever had a pinched nerve but that alone hurts. But, imagine 5X that, and then to have it for your whole life. Not only was there nerve damage but her shoulder was actually broken by Mike Rinder. And the flesh wounds tell their own story with the blood that was all over her shirt, on the floor, and the gouged skin that was actually removed from her body from the attack. And not just skin but flesh.

Since that time I have been the one cleaning up the mess—helping my mom and doing everything that she needs to alleviate her pain and make her be able to live a decent life despite the fact that she was injured for life by Mike Rinder.

There’s been a myriad of physical therapy appointments, doctors, an operation she had to get to actually fix the bone that was so broken and pulled out of place by Mike Rinder’s attack. The doctors actually had to go in and cut some of it off because it had been jammed out of place. The doctor told my mom that the surgery was as intense as getting a limb amputated. This was because of the nerve damage and the exact place where Mike Rinder happened to have broken my mother’s shoulder. It was a very crucial place in her arm and it just was so painful.

So let’s end the cruelty by Mike Rinder. Let’s end the support of this cruel individual.

Let’s not have people that are cruel. We want kindness. We want care. And we want people loving each other and taking an interest in other people and helping them. Let’s make this a better world.


2021—the year to end

any support of Mike Rinder


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