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An Epic Day for Women, But Not Over Yet

This is an important day for the #MeToo and @TimesUp movements—an epic day—but it’s not over yet. Men who abuse women are still being rewarded. I will continue to stand by other women and help them tell their story in any way I can. I understand what they have gone through. My father, Mike Rinder, violently attacked my mother right in front of me, damaging her for life. He should not be allowed on TV as though he were a normal person, but A&E and Disney have turned a blind eye and are paying him to be on the air. The women who came forward to expose #HarveyWeinstein inspired me to speak out. And I will not stop until Disney and A&E #FireMikeRinder and I get #JusticeforMom.

Let's Be the Change for Women

I ask so many people what they think of “men who abuse women such as my father, Mike Rinder, who abused my mother to the point of life-long

Seeking Justice

This isn’t about getting back at my dad, It’s a much bigger conversation.

Mother's Day is Here and Very Special

THANK YOU to everyone who helped me get my #MothersDay message broadly distributed today. The massive response has been truly UNBELIEVABLE!! It shows the power we women have to standup against domestic violence.

Disney's financial support to my abusive father

Dear Mr. Iger: I am hoping you have a heart and will listen to my plea for help. Ben Sherwood has not responded to any of my communications, alerts, emails, letters (hand posted by me) or video messages. I also have called Disney Human Resources three times and received the usual “someone will get back to you shortly.” No one has responded. My father, Mike Rinder, works for A&E, which you co-own. He is a violent man who physically abused my mother to the point where her orthopedic surgeon has told her she will never be pain-free or regain full use of her arm again. My father has not been taken to task for this abuse. On the contrary, he is rewarded with a paycheck from A & E – and th

For Mother's Day Help Me get the Message to Disney & Bob Iger to do The Right Thing and Stop

My mother Cathy was a domestic violence victim. Nearly 10 years ago I watched as my father, Mike Rinder, viciously assaulted her right in front of me. My Mom had to undergo surgery and has spent countless hours in physical therapy. Her orthopedic surgeon has told her she will never regain full use of her arm. She is condemned to a life of pain. Like too many domestic abusers, my father blames the victim. Instead of being held accountable for what he did, Mike Rinder is handsomely rewarded by a Walt Disney-owned company, A & E. This isn’t the justice my Mom or any victim of domestic violence deserves. Please join me in raising awareness for victims of domestic abuse at #Fire

Mother's Day is Coming Up

I love my mom! I will fight for her until the end! Thank you for hearing me & strengthening my voice 4 justice. We can’t reward #abuse! Please join my Thunderclap: justice4mom-org

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