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Let's Be the Change for Women

Today was another empowering day.

I am being heard. I don’t even need to say that I won’t be silenced anymore. I am not silenced. I appreciate the many ears listening to me speak and supporting me in my campaign.

It is funny, I ask so many people what they think of “men who abuse women such as my father, Mike Rinder, who abused my mother to the point of life-long injuries sustained.”

Every person I spoke to was first and foremost appalled to hear what my father did to my mom. They were appalled that with his record of abuse to my family and women and his support to other men who have been outed by the #me too movement, he has not yet been fired. I have learned that the public are sick and tired of women abusers and definitely hands-down felt they should be stopped, held accountable and definitely not allowed to be on TV.

I was very moved by the response I got personally, when they heard my story. There was not a single person who felt that Mike Rinder should be given any support.

Every day is a new day of strength and resolve to be the change for women. I will carry the torch until men like my father, Mike Rinder, and others involved with domestic abuse are not supported or allowed to go on TV.

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