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Quarantine with mom

The last many weeks of staying at home with my mom have only brought us closer together. We both had the unfortunate experience of her being domestically abused by my father, Mike Rinder. He did this right in front of me, so I was subjected to the brutality as well. The result of his abuse is her inability to ever fully use her right arm again - essentially she is crippled because of him. So, while I have been social distancing like the rest of the world in the current "stay at home" situation, I have spent a lot of time with mom. There has been one respite to all the pain and suffering she has had to endure because of Mike Rinder, which is having time during quarantine to nurture her garden

Mother's Day 2020

What a different Mother's Day than we ever expected! Some of us are physically with our mother this Mother's Day, some are doing it via face-time or zoom, or maybe going over to her house to put our hands against each other with a window between us, but all of us are celebrating them! I am a big supporter of my mom. We have been close my whole life. She’s just one of those moms that when you look back and think about your time together you smile and think of how lucky you are to have her as your mom. She is also a domestic violence survivor. That fateful day of the brutal domestic violence attack has lived with us. My love for my mother is the fuel that keeps me driving forward on my campaig

HEALING - How do you help somebody with a domestic violence situation?

You have to let them heal. I was unfortunate enough to have witnessed my father, Mike Rinder, attack my mother. She’s a very tiny woman and he attacked her—very strongly. At first there was blood and this and she was sort of in shock. She couldn’t believe this really happened. But then the pain just set in and it kept going and going and going and never abated. And she was in pain every day—excruciating pain. And that’s when we decided, “Okay we need to do something.” So we discovered by going to the doctor that Mike Rinder, my father, had actually cracked her shoulder when he attacked her. And then the terror set in. It was an “Oh my God” moment. The injury she sustained was confirmed as be

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