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Quarantine with mom

The last many weeks of staying at home with my mom have only brought us closer together.

We both had the unfortunate experience of her being domestically abused by my father, Mike Rinder. He did this right in front of me, so I was subjected to the brutality as well.

The result of his abuse is her inability to ever fully use her right arm again - essentially she is crippled because of him.

So, while I have been social distancing like the rest of the world in the current "stay at home" situation, I have spent a lot of time with mom.

There has been one respite to all the pain and suffering she has had to endure because of Mike Rinder, which is having time during quarantine to nurture her garden and flowers!

A few days ago she showed me all of her plants that are growing since the Spring rain! She has roses, little tiny mini daisies that are really cute and geraniums and many others!

She also has some Snow in Summer - which is a succulent that has white flowers all over it and so when it is in bloom it has a blanket of white "snow" in Summer! This is not in bloom yet so I could not take any shots, but here are a couple others of us in her garden celebrating Mother's Day together.

So this Mother's Day, support your mom, do something she likes, give her your attention and love.

Stay safe. Stay well. Stay domestic violence free

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