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Speaking Up Against Domestic Abuse

Hi, guys. It's Taryn with Justice4mom, once again. I want to speak today about speaking up against domestic abuse. It is a hard thing to believe -- that domestic violence occurs – until you see it yourself. Then, all of a sudden it is very, very real and relatable. At that point, all those news stories you have seen have meaning. And it is shocking and devastating to you and anyone involved.

That is what happened with me. I watched my father, Mike Rinder, domestically abuse my mother with grave physical ramifications. He had no remorse - this is typical of someone who commits domestic violence.

My father, Mike Rinder, tore my mother’s arm apart. He did not care.

I saw it with my own eyes.

I cleaned up the blood.

Then I was there with my mom and watched her go through years of pain.

I was there when she discovered that my father actually broke her shoulder. Of course, he pretends it did not happen, but it did.

I suffered with her undergoing surgery.

I ached with her through physical therapy.

And saw her anguish from the pain.

There is no question about what happened or the truth of Mike Rinder's domestic violence.

The truth did not change the fact that my father, Mike Rinder, denied the damage caused by his vicious physical attack on my mother, which I witnessed with my own eyes.

To this day he has not owned up to his devastating act of violence.

To this day, he has not apologized.

Instead, Mike Rinder has shamed my mom, the victim -- not helped her. And he has gotten his friends to shame her, by lying to them about what happened.

If you have witnessed your mom or a family member being domestically abused, like my father Mike Rinder did to my mother, damaging her for life, don’t doubt the strength of your one voice to make a change.

Don’t doubt yourself. Don’t doubt your mom. Help her. Help yourself be strong and take a stand.

If all of us together do this, we will make a change in the world. We can and will end domestic abuse.

Thank you. This is Taryn with Justice4mom.


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