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Disney's financial support to my abusive father

Dear Mr. Iger: I am hoping you have a heart and will listen to my plea for help. Ben Sherwood has not responded to any of my communications, alerts, emails, letters (hand posted by me) or video messages. I also have called Disney Human Resources three times and received the usual “someone will get back to you shortly.” No one has responded. My father, Mike Rinder, works for A&E, which you co-own. He is a violent man who physically abused my mother to the point where her orthopedic surgeon has told her she will never be pain-free or regain full use of her arm again. My father has not been taken to task for this abuse. On the contrary, he is rewarded with a paycheck from A & E – and thus Disney – to appear on TV. Wednesday I attended Denim Day at LA City Hall and met Mayor Garcetti and many other powerful speakers who heard my story. I want to see my father fired. He needs to be held accountable for what he did. Anyone paying him is rewarding someone who physically abused his wife. My father doesn’t belong on TV. Thank you for listening. My voice won’t be silenced. Sincerely,


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