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My Mother's truth as only she can tell it

Ok world. I have been seeking justice for my mom (justice4mom) doggedly for quite some time now. I had focused mostly on a domestic abuse incident in which my father, Mike Rinder, was in an uncontrollable rage, screaming profanities at my mom, mutilating her flesh and cracking a bone. She required surgery, years of physical therapy and is damaged for life. All of it I witnessed in one of the scariest moments of my life.

My mom Cathy Bernardini (Rinder)

I have received tremendous support speaking my story and my truth. There are amazing women all over the world who stand up against abuse and who have helped me and supported me.

Yet my telling of the story about the abuse my mother suffered at the hands of my father hasn't been enough to get justice or even get this man removed from a TV channel that apparently believes an abuser should be handsomely and financially rewarded. I was hoping that someone responsible, a network executive who could see above the day to day grind and greed, would recognize the importance of zero tolerancefor abuse. They might hear and look at what I was saying about this horrible abusive man, my father. I thought surely someone reasonable would come along and say ENOUGH! No amount of violence toward a woman is tolerable, especially with the recent awareness of the domestic, sexual and emotional abuse of women. I thought we finally might get closure.

My father now thinks he is a celebrity. He has other celebrity supporters who give him cover to lie with and for him. He thinks he can wait this out. HOW CAN ANY VIOLENCE AGAINST A WOMAN EVER BE OK? How can this man be excused? As a daughter I lived through 30+ years of emotional anguish and abuse. Worse than all that, I witnessed my father maul my mother and physically assault her.

My truth is what happened to me. It is what I experienced. This has nothing to do with where I was born, who I know, if I am famous or have the latest iPhoneX. It is about abuse myself, my brother and my mom have suffered at the hands of my father, Mike Rinder. It is about me standing up against any odds to stop an abusive man and thus getting justice4mom.

It's funny how even to this day by his denials and putting the blame on us, the victims, and pointing the bony finger the other way he is still abusing us - he is still trying to crush our own self-esteem. I wonder if he will ever stop. I should probably not hope as how could he? He must keep on making money no matter who he hurts.

My father, who is way too much of a coward to do it himself, has his celebrity friends attack me. They claim I am “impersonating” a victim. His own daughter. He has anonymous trolls attack me viciously. Make no mistake: My father is the puppeteer pulling the strings behind the scenes, but he’s too much of a coward to show his face.

As emotionally abusive as my father was toward my brother and me, the real victim I have always wanted to keep the focus on is my mother. She lives in pain eight years after I witnessed my father grab her arm and twist it in a rage. She is the one who deserves justice.

That’s why I asked my mom to write her story for me. Iwant to give her a voice through my supporters. Read her story. I am justified in my outrage of the way my father, Mike Rinder, treated my mom. All in all, I was moved to tears and then fury over what she suffered, what I suffered, what my brother and family suffered.

Here is the raw story of what my mom suffered, as a mother, as a woman, from her:

I realize this is quite long - I tried to cut it down but I felt each thing included was important. This hurts to have to put my whole life in plain view of anyone on the internet, but I have to.

I will keep on raising the red flag and not stop until I get closure and justice4mom (and me!).

Justice4mom here we come!


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