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Networking a Couple of Days Before Father's Day

I am moving forward with my campaign, lining up resources, networking and otherwise engaging with like-minded individuals to make a change and stop domestic violence.

I found this great place to meet people today—a very hip, engaging work environment which opens the door for me to many more opportunities for networking, making friends, getting my message out, helping others and takes me another step closer to establishing myself and justice4mom!

The nice man at the front desk, Johnson, was very helpful and friendly. He answered all of my questions, helped me to register and was just great.

The environment is work-based and convenient. It feels like home!

I am looking forward to meeting people and networking with like-minded individuals who I can partner with.

Which brings me to my real point—getting justice for my mother Cathy Bernardini who was brutally abused by my father Mike Rinder.

Speaking of him, Father’s Day is just a few days away now. With an abusive father like mine, who wants to celebrate that?

So, in honor of Father’s Day I am committing myself to my task of seeing justice for my mom by taking action to stop the Networks from rewarding Mike Rinder and allowing him to be on TV and in front of a viewing audience.

By raising awareness of domestic abuse and exposing my father for the cruel, heartless man he is and always was, it is my hope to help any other children with abusive fathers to have better lives.

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