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There is NO excuse for Domestic Violence!  DISNEY/A&E Fire Mike Rinder!

Why is my father so afraid of his own daughter that he and his clique viciously attack me?

As those who have been following me know, in March I decided I could no longer stand by as women were coming out about abuse in the TV industry.

I was inspired by their courage. At the same time, I was outraged that A&E and its parent company Disney continued to financially support my father, Mike Rinder, and allowed him to be on the air when I personally witnessed my father violently abuse my mother and damage her for life. I could not and still cannot take the hypocrisy.

That’s when I decided to launch Justice4Mom. The goal is simple. It’s about achieving not only justice for my mother, but bringing our issue to the attention of women who are committed to ending domestic violence and working with them in their larger efforts to make sure men are held accountable for their actions.

Now, my father, Mike Rinder, and his flunkies are attacking me for speaking out in the most vicious ways imaginable! He doesn’t have the guts to stand up for himself, so he must hide behind others. That’s always who he has been. Naturally, the attack dogs my father uses on his own daughter are men.

No matter how he avoids it, denies it, tries to deflect it—typical of abusers—the truth is in the constant pain my mother suffers because of his vicious attack. It’s a fact she suffered injuries, and that there should be zero tolerance for abuse of any kind by anyone working for The Walt Disney Co. or A&E.

I thank the many women at every event I attend who are proud of me for refusing to back down until justice is done and my many thousands of supporters who stand by me.

I will not stop until I get through to Disney and A&E to #FireMikeRinder and gain #Justice4Mom.

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