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MIKE RINDER ASSAULTED MY MOTHER, PERMANENTLY DISABLING HER: My mom's arm hours after she was assaulted in 2010; paramedic report after they treated the soft-tissue damage on the scene; MRI done months later revealed her shoulder had been cracked, and along with the nerve damage, was the source of her continuous pain.  


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Updated: Dec 22, 2021

One way that my father Mike Rinder gets things “taken care of” is to manipulate vulnerable and mentally unstable individuals to do his dirty work, such as the time he all but bribed an elderly lady with dementia to help him violate my grandmother’s living quarters—after he had been denied access by the management! Knowing her own son did this greatly upset my grandmother.

Now onto Stefani Ann Hutchison: she is a 50-plus-year-old woman who lives in North Carolina. And, per her own statements, her family has a history of mental health issues.

From everything I’ve seen on social media, it is definitely clear Stefani has an unhealthy infatuation with my father Mike Rinder. He has her wrapped around his finger in his campaign of hate against his own family.

Mike uses Stefani to front for him—almost literally—as she is behind almost all attacks against me and the truth I tell about my father. The useless and denigrating comments she makes about what clothes I wear or how much I am paid are, while sad, nevertheless malicious and evil when they turn into victim shaming. Stefani is now guilty of repeated hate against my mother, the woman damaged for life by Mike Rinder.

So yes, what Stefani does is unconscionable. But the blame goes to Mike Rinder. How could he continue to use this type of person for his own hate? This has got to end.

Everyone knows, it is the all-too-typical story, that when someone is infatuated with another, they are more easily malleable—and that is the story of Mike Rinder and Stefani Ann Hutchison.

Don’t let men who harm women manipulate vulnerable, troubled individuals into spreading hate for them.

#InternationalHRDay. The is an occasion to educate others on issues concerning Human Rights, to raise awareness of any violations of Human Rights and to mobilize resources to address such concerns.

Taking action against Domestic Violence and ensuring perpetrators are held accountable are key such undertaking.

Speaking out against my father, Mike Rinder, and his domestic violence, signifies my solidarity with this day and everything others are doing to forward it: Assisting others in any way to bring about their Human Rights; Encouraging others to do something about violence, haters and domestic abuse; And letting them know it is ok to speak up against those who support men who abuse women.

It is a violation of a person’s Human Rights to be harmed in any way by another—and yes, we need to tell people that.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is an important part of our history and our future. Eleanor Roosevelt, who was dubbed “First Lady of the World,” was a principal architect and served as chair of the declaration’s drafting committee. It was 10 December, 1948, when the document was finally signed and officiated. Since it’s signing, the UDHR has remained a touchstone for actions by governments, individuals and nongovernmental groups, ensuring that in the generations to come, every individual knows and has their Human Rights.

Take action this 2021 International Human Rights Day!


Recently there’s been a lot of talk about how bad actors use social media to spread disinformation and thereby amplify hate towards others. I realized that my father, Mike Rinder, is a microcosm of this problem. Because that is exactly what he does to my mom and our family.

Once I noticed this and put the pieces together, I decided to do a video on each person that my father, Mike Rinder uses to attack us. I figured I could at least give them the benefit of the doubt, in case they don’t realize how they are being used.

The type of people he chooses to do his bidding varies wildly, from people who are mentally unstable; fully fledged supporters of sex-trafficking; and women who take advantage of men sexually.

Tony Ortega is the first one I am exposing. He has been used by my father, Mike Rinder to victim shame myself and my mom continually. Some highlights are:

In December 2018 Mike got him to post that I, Taryn, “...pretend that some incidental contact during an ambush is somehow proof that her dad is an abuser and should be fired...” He got it right that my father IS an abuser and should NOT be supported, and by the way, his show was canceled.

In April 2019 Mike had Ortega write that, “Bernardini [my mom] pretends she’s the victim of domestic violence, and her daughter Taryn pretends that her mother is the victim of justice.” You heard that right, he said “PRETENDS” that my mother is a victim—ignoring x-rays, MRIs, doctor reports and eye-witness accounts corroborating the truth. Classic bully mentality.

I write this not to defend the fact that my mother is essentially crippled for life and that Mike Rinder isthe cause of her pain—although that is perfectly true—no, my point is that my “father” uses people like Tony Ortega to victim shame my mother and I.

And who is Tony Ortega? He’s a blogger with a long history of this type of behavior. Look into his background and records…the New York Times stated that Ortega was the “attack dog” for Backpage.com who “had become a major player in sex trafficking.” Yes, you did read that right; Ortega used his voice to PROTECT sex traffickers. That’s disgusting.

And now my father, Mike Rinder, has him being his attack dog—to attack his own family.

Nothing more need be said…except…don’t support Mike Rinder and don’t listen to his attack dogs.

This is Taryn with Justice4Mom.