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Good Men

My advocacy work to raise awareness about domestic violence and help support domestic violence victims continues. The main focus has been speaking out against my father, Mike Rinder, who domestically abused my mother. She is in pain every day of her life because of his attack. I have spoken out about his continuous hateful actions against me and his relentless victim shaming of my mom. And I have stressed repeatedly that a man who abuses women, who treat others with hate and spite, should not be supported.

I wanted to reverse the script this time -- to tell you about the men in my family that are kind, loving, and worth supporting. I spoke about just 4 of them, but there are more. Check out my video. I talk about my late grandfather Ian, my brother Benjamin, my Uncle-Dad Andrew and one of my cousins, Spencer. I am sure each of you has a man, or many men, who should be supported!

We must reflect on our families and lives and pay attention to the people around us that should be supported. These are the people you depend on, the ones who “got your back,” the friends who make you feel good and encourage you to follow your dreams.

Let’s create a better world by supporting good men. Not abusers.


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