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MIKE RINDER ASSAULTED MY MOTHER, PERMANENTLY DISABLING HER: In 2010, my “father” grabbed my mom’s arms, crushing and twisting them so hard that she sustained lacerations, bruises, nerve damage, and a shoulder injury.


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Hi everyone! This is the third and last of my Q&A videos.

My purpose in doing these videos is to answer the questions you, my supporters, have had and to fill you in on the correct information. In this next video, I answer five more questions including:

  • Whether my father had a history of domestic violence

  • How much evidence and documentation there is of his attack

  • Why the EMT report says that my mom’s pain level was 2

There was one question I actually could not answer and maybe some of you could fill in the blanks… The question is: “How is it possible that a group like CHILD USA would allow such a notorious abuser on their board?” It boggles my mind.

But did you know it is a characteristic of most perpetrators of domestic violence that they deny and shift the blame to the victim? Mike Rinder is no exception.

That’s why I keep providing the rock-solid evidence of his attack and the resultant injury—MRIs, doctor reports, my own eye-witness testimony, etc.

Let’s all continue to speak up about domestic violence perpetrators and the fact they should not be supported.

See you next time!


Related videos:

I have really enjoyed doing Question and Answer videos because I can answer the questions my supporters have had directly. And not only do I fill in the blanks for you, but I can express myself and the true facts.

I know that I myself like to watch many different kinds of videos where people answer questions. So I hope you enjoy mine.

In my new video I give more information about what it is like to make the decisions I have had to make on this Justice4mom journey; I was able to dispel the false information some haters have latched onto; and to let everyone know how my brother is now doing after his battle with cancer, and more.

I hope you get your questions answered!

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all January babies! 


As it is the beginning of 2022, I took a look at the last year to review what was accomplished and what responses I got from supporters on my social accounts.

In doing this, I was reminded that I have a lot of support! There are a ton of people that are championing getting justice for my mom and her suffering—plenty of good comments from people from around the globe encouraging me to keep going, and people that have beenencouraged by Justice4Mom. To see that Justice4Mom inspired others to take action makes all the effort I have put into this worthwhile. So I want to thank you all for the support.

I also saw a number of questions that people have asked about my campaign, myself, my mother, etc. So, I decided to do a set of videos to answer the most popular questions that many of you have had—I hope I can fill in the blanks and give you the information you’ve been looking for.

In this first video I answer a few questions that include how my mom is doing, what my end game is for Justice4Mom and a few others. I enjoyed answering people’s questions with the truth and with my story. Let me know if there is anything else you want to hear about!


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