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Happy Valentine’s Day!

14 Feb 2022 is here – Many flowers, chocolates, hearts and cards are exchanged by all of us on this holiday, all to express love to each other. Whether this love is for a friend, sibling, parent, spouse, partner or child, it is that love expressed that makes this holiday special to me.

To see this care, love and kindness all around is really nice. Please don’t forget to express your love this Valentine’s Day!

The flip side of the coin is: when those who, by human nature, should love and care for you, and don’t. My father, Mike Rinder due to his abuse of my mother (which destroyed her physically and leaves her in pain every day) and the constant hate he spreads about myself and my family, allows for no such love between us.

He manipulates his “friends”—Leah Remini and others—to continue to assist him in denying his domestic violence and victim shaming my mom. Just last week Leah Remini had the audacity to accuse my mom, who will be in pain for the rest of her life, of “pretending to be a victim of abuse.” Unbelievable.

Let’s continue to end support for men and those who harass others and spread hate and foster violence. And instead encourage love, kindness and all things Valentines!



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