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Ask Me Anything About Justice4Mom Part 3

Hi everyone! This is the third and last of my Q&A videos.

My purpose in doing these videos is to answer the questions you, my supporters, have had and to fill you in on the correct information. In this next video, I answer five more questions including:

  • Whether my father had a history of domestic violence

  • How much evidence and documentation there is of his attack

  • Why the EMT report says that my mom’s pain level was 2

There was one question I actually could not answer and maybe some of you could fill in the blanks… The question is: “How is it possible that a group like CHILD USA would allow such a notorious abuser on their board?” It boggles my mind.

But did you know it is a characteristic of most perpetrators of domestic violence that they deny and shift the blame to the victim? Mike Rinder is no exception.

That’s why I keep providing the rock-solid evidence of his attack and the resultant injury—MRIs, doctor reports, my own eye-witness testimony, etc.

Let’s all continue to speak up about domestic violence perpetrators and the fact they should not be supported.

See you next time!


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