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MIKE RINDER ASSAULTED MY MOTHER, PERMANENTLY DISABLING HER: My mom's arm hours after she was assaulted in 2010; paramedic report after they treated the soft-tissue damage on the scene; MRI done months later revealed her shoulder had been cracked, and along with the nerve damage, was the source of her continuous pain.  


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This week Ms. Angelina Jolie spoke up about the urgency and importance of the Violence Against Women Act.

She could not have spoken more truthful words regarding the need for this act as it relates to victims of domestic abuse. She stated: “[Domestic abuse victims] still carry the pain and trauma of their abuse.”

My mother is a victim of domestic abuse. The abuse was at the hands of my own father, Mike Rinder. My mom is in literal pain every day of her life because of his attack. That pain and trauma Ms. Jolie spoke of is real.

And domestic abuse is rarely contained to just one victim. In my case, I was a witness to my father’s attack on my mother. It took me a long time to speak up about his abuse to try not only to get justice for my mom, but to raise awareness of this issue.

When Ms. Jolie spoke of those “who are terrified and suffering at this moment”— in relation to domestic violence—this is too real. To know that right now, as I write, there are children who themselves are being abused and/or live in an abusive home is abhorrent to me.

Each of us can make a difference by supporting domestic violence victims and demanding that justice be affected against perpetrators of domestic abuse like my father, Mike Rinder.

Thank you.

14 Feb 2022 is here – Many flowers, chocolates, hearts and cards are exchanged by all of us on this holiday, all to express love to each other. Whether this love is for a friend, sibling, parent, spouse, partner or child, it is that love expressed that makes this holiday special to me.

To see this care, love and kindness all around is really nice. Please don’t forget to express your love this Valentine’s Day!

The flip side of the coin is: when those who, by human nature, should love and care for you, and don’t. My father, Mike Rinder due to his abuse of my mother (which destroyed her physically and leaves her in pain every day) and the constant hate he spreads about myself and my family, allows for no such love between us.

He manipulates his “friends”—Leah Remini and others—to continue to assist him in denying his domestic violence and victim shaming my mom. Just last week Leah Remini had the audacity to accuse my mom, who will be in pain for the rest of her life, of “pretending to be a victim of abuse.” Unbelievable.

Let’s continue to end support for men and those who harass others and spread hate and foster violence. And instead encourage love, kindness and all things Valentines!



Hi everyone! This is the third and last of my Q&A videos.

My purpose in doing these videos is to answer the questions you, my supporters, have had and to fill you in on the correct information. In this next video, I answer five more questions including:

  • Whether my father had a history of domestic violence

  • How much evidence and documentation there is of his attack

  • Why the EMT report says that my mom’s pain level was 2

There was one question I actually could not answer and maybe some of you could fill in the blanks… The question is: “How is it possible that a group like CHILD USA would allow such a notorious abuser on their board?” It boggles my mind.

But did you know it is a characteristic of most perpetrators of domestic violence that they deny and shift the blame to the victim? Mike Rinder is no exception.

That’s why I keep providing the rock-solid evidence of his attack and the resultant injury—MRIs, doctor reports, my own eye-witness testimony, etc.

Let’s all continue to speak up about domestic violence perpetrators and the fact they should not be supported.

See you next time!


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