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MIKE RINDER ASSAULTED MY MOTHER, PERMANENTLY DISABLING HER: My mom's arm hours after she was assaulted in 2010; paramedic report after they treated the soft-tissue damage on the scene; MRI done months later revealed her shoulder had been cracked, and along with the nerve damage, was the source of her continuous pain.  


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Hi, everyone. We are well into the “16 Days of Action against domestic violence.” Hopefully you have been seeing the various tips on actions each person can take to eliminate this poison in our communities.

Unfortunately, violence against women is all too prevalent in our society with such statistics as 1 in 3 women and girls experiencing physical or sexual violence in their lifetime. This situation is in much need of attention and there is action that can be taken to make a difference.

The elimination of violence against women is a large task. It starts with each person being active, speaking out, taking steps to end the support of anyone who abuses women. Many people around the world take action on this day—including me.

My father, Mike Rinder has walked a path in life paved with too many abuses of women, young and old, both emotional and physical. The culmination of his violence was when he badly harmed my mom.

What was etched in my mind on that day can never be erased. My father physically attacked my mom right in front of me, his daughter. He violently grabbed onto her arms and would not let go. The animosity and strong hate towards her was palpable—making it all the more frightening. His attack left my mom bleeding, with lacerations, a fractured shoulder and, as we found out later, nerve damage. Ever since, each day of my mom’s life has been lived in pain because of what my father, Mike Rinder, did to her.

Even scarier is that was not the first time he had abused a woman. I have heard different accounts from family friends and former colleagues which pained me to hear.

One of these was a long-term family friend whom my mom and I sat down with to compare notes on the abuse we all experienced from Mike.

One woman harmed, is too many in any circumstance.

It is time to stop the support of men who commit violence against women.

The “16 days of Action against domestic violence” runs until Human Rights Day on the 10th of December.

Thanksgiving is a time when you get to be with your family, which is phenomenal and what I wish for you.

Whether you're going to watch a football game or you're having a traditional Thanksgiving dinner or sitting down and, you know, reflecting on what you have to be thankful for, I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving. This is Taryn with justice4mom.

Happy Thanksgiving


Updated: Nov 26, 2021

International Tolerance Day is recognized each year by people across the globe who are taking action to create a more tolerant society for others. Be it in the workplace, at school, in the community or family, these actions are crucial to minimize hate and discrimination in our society.

There are three very common forms of intolerance that my father, Mike Rinder is guilty of: Injustice, discrimination and violence.

1. Discrimination – definitely a yes. Mike Rinder does not have boundaries when it comes to discrimination. He will discriminate against anyone and everyone. His only criterion for doing so is those he feels will harm his own reputation by telling the truth of who he is. He has uses various platforms to do so continuously. Worst of all, Mike Rinder discriminates against his own children and family.

To call your child “a robot”, “brainwashed” “an automaton” or a “rabid rat” is beyond cruel and disgusting. No father should ever say this to their child, much less say it on social media! Mike Rinder’s discrimination tells a lot about the man that he is.

2. Injustice—check. [Random House Webster’s: Violation of the rights of others; unjust or unfair action or treatment.]

My father, Mike Rinder, deserted his family, started a hate campaign against us and then domestically abused my mom (the mother of two of his children) and left her with a crippled right arm. He has not been held accountable for this abuse, nor for his hate and harassment of his children. He has continued to victim shame my mother and is supported by such entities as CHILD USA and iHeart radio in that hate. If that isn’t injustice, I don’t know what is.

3. Violence—also a check. As I mentioned, Mike Rinder, attacked my mom. The attack was violent and hurt her badly. He did it with a visible intent to harm her—which he did. This was no accident. The resultant damage was that her right shoulder was cracked, the nerves in her arm were damaged and the flesh was torn. She had to go to the hospital to get surgery because the damage was so bad. His violent behavior manifests itself in the pain my mom experiences every day of every year since that moment.

Please step back and take a look at Mike Rinder and his intolerance of others. It’s prevalent. Confront his intolerance and help stop it by ending any support of him—small or large.

Instead, let’s express tolerance for one and all!