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Take the time this year to reach out to all of those you love!

2020 enforced distance to stay safe, make sure that gap is filled with love and care. Valentine’s Day is a day of love, not hate.

Something I strongly urge others to do is to show love and respect to their children and family. Don’t let anything sway you. Keep true to that love. And definitely don’t let love get replaced by violence and hatred.

Domestic violence and abuse are exactly that: love replaced by violence and hate.

My father, Mike Rinder, replaces love for hate and violence all the time now. He domestically abused the woman who bore two of his children – she should be loved as a woman, not beat. He harasses, teases, lies, insults, and spreads hate about his two eldest children, two children who should be getting love from their father—not his constant belittlement and spite.

I urge my father, Mike Rinder, to show some respect and love to those in his family he harmed physically, those he deserted and those he harasses. How? By ceasing his torment. By at least not spreading hate and not harassing the family he harmed, deserted and lies about publicly.

Make this Valentine’s Day a day to put aside hate and show some love. Do something big or small to let someone know you care about them, that you love them. I will be doing that and especially for my mom who deserves the love.



I wanted to paint a picture for you today of what I see or what comes to mind when I think of my father, Mike Rinder.

He deserted our family without a word. He then harassed my brother and did so, knowing that he was diagnosed with cancer and told he had a few years to live. And gave him no support during that time.

Mike Rinder uses any platform that he has to tell lies about my family, to really put us down and say really rude, despicable, atrocious, disgusting things about us that aren’t even true—on TV, on podcasts, on whatever media outlet that he has—he’ll say it and get other people to say it. People who have no idea of the truth, only hearsay from him.

Worst of all, Mike Rinder physically attacked my mother and damaged her to such an extreme that she will never, ever recover for the rest of her life. And she's going to be and is in pain every single day of her life. And this was a woman that he was married to for decades and had—was the mother of two of his children, my brother and I.

And not only was Mike Rinder standing there in a rage, attacking my mother—which is crazy enough—but he did it in front of his daughter, which was myself, and his brother and other witnesses. The guy is not right in head.

Then Mike Rinder spins his tales and uses it for his own advantage. And he uses it to gain support and continue to harass us and to augment his harassment by getting other people that know nothing about us, they don't know me from Joe on the street. They know nothing about me. They know nothing about my family. But he'll get them to spread lies about us and to harass us. And so this paints a bit of a picture of a man who's so degraded, morally, that he’s willing to do that. And he likes doing it. And continues to do it. And gets other people to do it.

A man like Mike Rinder with that character of hating people, harassing his family, harming people, abusing his wife, should not be supported.

And that’s my message and that’s my justice4mom.

If you stood in my shoes and if you were the daughter of a man who did that to people, who did that your mom, who did that to you. Imagine you are the daughter of that person. Well, now you see exactly why I have justice4mom. Because after he attacked my mom and domestically abused her—that was enough. Enough’s enough. And so I had to have a voice.

And so I made a voice for myself and I'm using it to shed light on the truth about Mike Rinder and to shed light about the type of man that he is and his characteristic—characteristics and the things that he does and the way that he is going to treat people and does treat people so that he can stop being supported.

I will continue to do my videos every single week and I will continue to shed light on the truth about Mike Rinder and his abuse of my mother until I get justice for my mom.

I’m definitely going to do everything in my power and using whatever voice that I have to—to really make sure that people know about Mike Rinder and the type of man that he is. And also to help other people that might be domestically abused and give them a voice as best I can.

And—but very, very definitely to get the support of Mike Rinder to stop.

That’s my goal: justice for my mom.


2021—the year to end

any support of Mike Rinder

Celebrating my birthday is definitely exciting and really nice – with so much kindness and greetings from friends and family.

I find that I enjoy it the most because I am proud of what I do, how I help others, my friends and family, and all of our accomplishments. It’s when I like to take a moment to look at yet another year gone by and see what I’ve done. I have super cool friends and always make a thing of it. My husband is a darling and makes sure the day is a full-on “T-DAY!” And, I will definitely get some handmade edible delights from my brother; he’s a chef.

Most of my birthday wishes do come true.

There is just one thing I would really like to have on my birthday – justice for my mom’s day-to-day pain and injuries she sustained that will weigh her down for the rest of her life. I want peace from the violence, hatred, and scorn of my father, Mike Rinder.

It’s now 2021 and I can’t help but notice his degradation.

Year after year, my own father makes a living of telling lies about myself, my brother, and my mom and attacking me and all I believe in.

The degradation became abundantly clear when he became a domestic violence perpetrator.

The domestic violence was aimed at my mom.

He attacked my mother with ferocity and he did it right in front of me. The mother of two of his children. It was a violent situation where my mother did not stand a chance in coming out of it unharmed, him being so much bigger than her 5’4”, 102lb body.

His attack left pain and injury in its wake. My mother suffered severe nerve damage, a broken shoulder, and gruesome flesh wounds.

The evidence of degradation continued from then until now – my father, Mike Rinder, has not once admitted to his attack on my mom. He has victim-shamed her non-stop. He has used his twisted lies about the story for his own benefit. It is something he uses to get money to support himself.

He has also changed his story. He won’t admit the injuries he inflicted on my mother, will not do anything to correct his wrongs but he will try to cover it up and give excuses – but different ones over time, and the pattern of his twists and changing of the story becomes clear.

Thus I spend another birthday doing something that is important to me – standing up against domestic violence. Standing up and raising my voice against the man – Mike Rinder, who injured my mom for life.

I can’t wait to see what the next year of my life has in store for me – and how much impact I can have on the fight against domestic violence. I can and will continue to use my strong voice, to tell the truth about Mike Rinder and ensure one less woman abuser is supported.

I want to thank the many, many supporters I have who continue to boost my determination to keep speaking out about domestic violence and my father, Mike Rinder.

It is most memorable that I get to celebrate my birthday with YOU! My readers, followers, supporters, and online friends. Thank you for giving me the best birthday gift I could ask for – your love and support.

I am excited to share the next chapter of Justice4mom with you.

With love, Taryn