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MIKE RINDER ASSAULTED MY MOTHER, PERMANENTLY DISABLING HER: My mom's arm hours after she was assaulted in 2010; paramedic report after they treated the soft-tissue damage on the scene; MRI done months later revealed her shoulder had been cracked, and along with the nerve damage, was the source of her continuous pain.  


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15 May 2022 is recognized as the International Day of Families! The United Nations declared the Day in 1993, reflecting the significance of families to the world community. The International Day of Families is also a day to raise awareness of family-related issues. Issues such as domestic violence.

National Women’s health week is also in progress (it goes from May 8th to May 14th). It is a chance for us to encourage all women to make the choices which are right for them—choices that contribute to our health, both mentally and physically. Having violence free homes would definitely promote and allow for healthy women!

Both of these: Safe, abuse-free women and healthy, happy families is what I advocate and promote. I encourage all to stop supporting men who intoxicate women’s healthy by domestic violence—men like my father, Mike Rinder.

Having had personal experience with domestic violence where I witness to my father’s attack on my mom (leaving my mom bleeding, with a battered right arm, nerve damage and a cracked shoulder,) I have focused my advocacy work on raising awareness against domestic violence and helping survivors of domestic violence.

Encourage others to keep the family unit strong and abuse free. Encourage others to speak out against domestic violence. Create a safe, loving, healthy family unit for both our young and old. Lives will be better because of it.

Have a great International Family Day!

Each one of us has a mother, a mother that bore us and brought us into the world, most likely cared for us, took us to school, got us our first toy, and made sure we felt loved. So what better day than Mother’s Day to make sure she knows how much you appreciate her?

Something special about this mother and child relationship is that a mother gives unconditional love to their child. And that is what we celebrate today. That bond—that love given from mother to child.

Looking back at my life—the milestones, the good, the bad, and the times when I needed someone, it was my mom who was there.

Who was there for me when I got hit by a car at seven, in a double hit-and-run where I almost died? My mom. Every second, every time I woke up in that hospital screaming—either in pain or from nightmares—she was there.

Who supported my brother, day in and day out, when he was fighting for his life with cancer? My mom.

Who always made us feel like we were ten feet tall? And, who's still here being a parent for us, and didn’t desert us? My mom.

Today, my love goes out to her, unconditionally and 100%. I love you mom and I wish you a very happy Mother's Day.

To every mother across the globe—I wish you all a very happy Mother's Day.

Part of being a decent human being is being able to accept criticism, and respect others and what they feel or think. Equally important is being willing and able to take another person’s view.

I have lived my life with a father that, more often than not, criticized others and refused to respect their views, which definitely included me, my brother and my mom. If something did not benefit him, it was to be scorned, ridiculed or just simply ignored.

This resulted in a childhood that, where he was concerned, left a bad taste in my mouth. His actions, and inactions, left it clear to me, that my father, Mike Rinder, did not love me. Some of this was a “void,” in a sense, and thus hard to put in words, but I am guessing you have either experienced it yourself or can get the idea.

And as his daughter, I thought it was me—there was something wrong with me. It was only later that I realized it had been him all along.

And this trait lives on in him today. And it is really not nice to experience.

I saw this recently when someone on my father, Mike Rinder's, social account, questioned him about something. This man has no affiliation with me at all—I’ve never met him. He's just a normal guy who happened to ask Mike Rinder a question. And the response that he got was an instant attack. He attacked him and accused him of ridiculous things and didn't answer the question. He just put it right back on the guy, like the guy was at fault or wrong. And while this is not nice and is definitely rude, it is typical of Mike Rinder—which is why I continue to speak out against his ill-treatment of others.

Discrimination, hate, violence, victim shaming—they aren't acceptable. And people are trying to change that narrative. We can all make the world a better place by doing just a little.