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The Truth Kept from Podcast Viewers

Can you believe Megyn Kelly received (and we believe read and watched) an open letter from my brother and me, and video telling our story of Mike Rinder and what we think of our father—and she said nothing about what we have to say?

During a two-hour podcast, Mike Rinder told disparaging lies and defamatory statements about our mother, whom he violently abused. Yet not a word was said about the facts we sent. We covered in our letter that he will blame others for his bad parenting—and he did it again on the podcast.

You can read our open letter here:

Open Letter to Mike Rinder
Download PDF • 240KB

You can view the video statements from me and from Ben here:

Insinuating that our mother was a bad mom is so disgusting and infuriating. She was, and still is, always there for us and has never turned her back on us like Mike did. She never treated us like a “distraction” like Mike did, and never thought of us as “specimens” or “puppets” or scum like he did and still does. Megyn asked “what kind of mother” would do what Mike falsely accuses her of. I ask what kind of media host defames a woman she’s never met and knows nothing about and takes it from a former husband who physically assaulted her? I was there, you weren’t.

I thought Megyn Kelly would care more, as she puts herself out there as a voice against abuse. And yet here she is supporting a man who abused his wife, and she is giving him a platform to continue to denigrate and abuse us, his children, and our family, friends and our beliefs.

As we are THE children he talks about, who better to speak up in reply? Mike Rinder, as usual, gave the audience a grossly one-sided view. Our open letter and videos speak for themselves. They give the real truth about Mike Rinder and the abusive man and father he is.



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