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Have a great International Family Day!

15 May 2022 is recognized as the International Day of Families! The United Nations declared the Day in 1993, reflecting the significance of families to the world community. The International Day of Families is also a day to raise awareness of family-related issues. Issues such as domestic violence.

National Women’s health week is also in progress (it goes from May 8th to May 14th). It is a chance for us to encourage all women to make the choices which are right for them—choices that contribute to our health, both mentally and physically. Having violence free homes would definitely promote and allow for healthy women!

Both of these: Safe, abuse-free women and healthy, happy families is what I advocate and promote. I encourage all to stop supporting men who intoxicate women’s healthy by domestic violence—men like my father, Mike Rinder.

Having had personal experience with domestic violence where I witness to my father’s attack on my mom (leaving my mom bleeding, with a battered right arm, nerve damage and a cracked shoulder,) I have focused my advocacy work on raising awareness against domestic violence and helping survivors of domestic violence.

Encourage others to keep the family unit strong and abuse free. Encourage others to speak out against domestic violence. Create a safe, loving, healthy family unit for both our young and old. Lives will be better because of it.

Have a great International Family Day!


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