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This weekend was a very special weekend for me. I got to celebrate what I believe in and stand for—helping others. This is something I am very proud of. I got to once again reflect on the many people in my life whom I love and that have helped me on my journey; and in contrast to that, the people who have been toxic in my life, like my father, Mike Rinder. He is in short: an abuser of my mom, a hater, a bigot, and a bully.

I am still flabbergasted every time I stop and reflect on the damage that was done to my mother by my father, Mike Rinder—just how much he harmed her, how much he still victim shames my mom—the victim of his domestic violence. Because of this, I feel empowered to keep speaking up and telling the truth about his brutality.

This is what brought me to do a video on all the medical data and reports I have illustrating the extent of my father, Mike Rinder’s abuse. And the pain my mom is in. And I think it shows the magnitude of damage that was done to my mom physically by Mike Rinder in that domestic violence attack. And the subsequent medical treatments that have had to happen as a result of that domestic violence attack.

I laid them all out—not even sheet by sheet—and it is still quite extensive.

These documents specifically have to do with her shoulder that was damaged by my father, Mike Rinder, when he domestically abused her. The reason why I thought to show this was because when I went to go look through them again recently, it goes on and on and on and on.

There has been a lot of medical attention that my mom has received so that she's able to live with the crippling pain of the fractured shoulder and destroyed nerves. She is in pain every day of her life.

To this day my father, Mike Rinder, has not apologized. He has never done anything to help her. And I can’t say that enough because it just seems so wrong and so against any human’s natural instincts to help, to not be cruel or, you know, if you make a mistake, you fix it. But he hasn’t done that. And I've spent every day since then basically taking care of my mom to ease her pain.

The fact that my father, Mike Rinder, is getting away with having domestically abused her, and gets supported by people who know he domestically abused his wife, is beyond words. The fact that he is still supported by some, in addition to being inconceivable to me, also gives me cause to keep speaking out. Domestic violence is a gruesome thing and domestic violence perpetrators like Mike Rinder should not be supported.

I don't want people supported that abuse women. I want domestic violence victims to be taken care of. And I want to make sure that they're getting the support that they need.

Taryn Teutsch


This week we celebrate freedom not only as a country, but as individuals. To me this means freedom from oppression, freedom from abuse and domestic violence. And freedom to believe in what you want to, to do the job that you want to do and be who you want to be!

As always, raising awareness against domestic violence and exposing domestic violence perpetrators is the main thrust of Justice4mom.

I do this by shedding light on the abuse my mom experienced at the hands of my father, Mike Rinder. He injured her for life in a brutal attack. She is still, 11 years later, in pain every day of her life. And is subject to much victim shaming and hate by him continually.

My personal journey of speaking out against the abuse of my father, Mike Rinder, and standing up for my mom – the victim – is how I celebrate Independence Day and freedom today. This journey has been one of courage, strength and honesty. To speak out about my own abusive father and his violence and to have the strength and tenacity to do so, no matter what, is what makes me proud to celebrate this 4th of July 2021!

I wish you all a HAPPY 4th of JULY! Spend it with your family and friends, at the BBQ or at home. Stay safe! Temperatures are very high across the globe right now, so stay hydrated and safe from the heat.

Do all you can to assist others with their own personal independence and freedom by speaking out against domestic violence.

#Freedom from #domesticviolence.

Hi everyone. It's Father’s Day week. I've been super busy. I'm sorry I haven't put out any videos. But I definitely wasn't going to miss saying something on Father’s Day.

Happy Father’s Day 2021!

First and foremost, I think every father every loving father and caring father around the world, will agree with me that being a father is the best job they can have. And very rewarding. I mean, you see new fathers beaming with joy and happiness, and you've heard of the “girl dad” and you know being a good father is so awesome.

So happy Father’s Day to all of you who are a dad or celebrating a dad.

I will say honestly, though, it’s a little hard for me personally with my relationship with my father, Mike Rinder, to have something to celebrate on this day. It does get hard for me, leading up to Father’s Day, feeling Oh, I don’t really have a father. And that's because my father, Mike Rinder, was very, very, very unloving and had no care for my brother and me our whole lives I am absolutely positive that he never loved me or my brother.

In addition to that, he abused my mother. My father, Mike Rinder, damaged her body for life and caused her to shed blood and suffer nerve damage that cannot be repaired. And fractured her shoulder. She's in pain every day of her life. And that is not a good father. And he did that in front of his own child, me, to my mother and screamed profanities and viciously yelled with hate and applied a lot of intense physical pressure, to the point of breaking a bone and damaging her for life.

So I don't personally have a lot to celebrate on Father’s Day.

But what that did do for me is make me feel even more responsible and passionate about raising awareness, shedding light on domestic violence and men who attack and abuse women. And the fact that on Father's Day I want to promote and advocate that fathers do not become violent, that they love their children, support them, their beliefs, endeavors, goals and dreams. Help them. Do the things that are kind.

Help them with what they need. Be supportive. That's what I want to advocate on Father's Day and why I felt it was really important and pertinent to my campaign of justice4mom to say something about it today and to make sure my voice was heard on this Father’s Day 2021.

A father in my family that I love dearly and I do want to acknowledge this Father’s Day is my grandfather, Ian Rinder, a spectacular man. He not only supported my family, but our beliefs and our goals. And during his life he did everything in his power and in his realm of responsibility as a father to make every person in our family the best that they could be. And so I want to give a shoutout to him today. I love you and God bless.

The second father I want to thank is Andrew Rinder. This is my uncle and he has his own kids and he’s a fabulous father to them. But I would say he’s also like a father to me, and my brother. We don't call him Uncle Dad for no reason. He is all the things one would want in a father and I want to thank him for that. So, thanks Uncle Andrew, Uncle Dad. We love you. Happy Father's Day.

That’s not to forget any of the other fathers in my family, you know who you are. I love you from New York, Switzerland, Australia, California. Keep being awesome fathers. You guys are the people that should be acknowledged today. Thank you.

My message for the end of this video is we have another generation right behind us that we need to make sure has good fathers. So let’s do that and I appreciate anything anybody can do to not support men who abuse women or their children and I encourage all to be good fathers. So happy Father's Day.

It’s Taryn with justice4mom.

Happy Father’s Day to all

loving and supportive fathers