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MIKE RINDER ASSAULTED MY MOTHER, PERMANENTLY DISABLING HER: My mom's arm hours after she was assaulted in 2010; paramedic report after they treated the soft-tissue damage on the scene; MRI done months later revealed her shoulder had been cracked, and along with the nerve damage, was the source of her continuous pain.  


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Our country (America) was founded on ideals of freedom, justice, and liberty.

When we first think of the Fourth of July (which has been a federal holiday since 1941), usually it is of burgers sizzling on the grill, fireworks, sparklers, and summer! While these fun and festive traditions are certainly part of this major American holiday, it is also important to reflect and recognize that one has to take action to ensure these freedoms continue to exist, that justice is fair and equal, and that our liberty is kept intact.

And today, fighting for the rights our founders intended each citizen to have has become more important than ever.

But one freedom you may not think about is freedom from violence. Any act of domestic violence is the opposite of the ideals that make our country what it is. Domestic violence and perpetrators of it, are the antithesis of freedom, justice, and liberty. Each act of domestic violence, small or large, takes away that bit of freedom from its victim.

In the celebration of this July 4th weekend, think about anything you may be able to do to take action against domestic violence. Reflect on the year to come – is there anything more you can do to help another, to help a domestic violence victim, a mother, or a child? Each action we take does make a difference.

Enjoy your Independence Day weekend!

Nothing can replace the love between a father and their children. When it is present—it is priceless. Take the time this weekend to strengthen this bond with your father. Cherish him; don’t take that kind, supportive, loving father for granted.

Support strong family relationships and homes free of domestic violence and hate. A strong father-child relationship is important to the growth and well-being of children.

Let’s appreciate and celebrate the fabulous men in every country who are true fathers. A father’s unconditional love outshines any other quality.

After decades of showing no love to my brother or me, my father, Mike Rinder, walked out on his whole family, then attacked and continued to harass each of us. So it is important for me to encourage fathers to NOT be like my father—instead, show your children love, support them, and encourage them. To do otherwise can have a lasting negative effect on those who are our future.

From a daughter with no dad to celebrate today, my message is to be the best dad you can be. Love your children and the women who bore your children. At the very least, don’t harm them, attack them, harass them and victim shame them.

This weekend we remember and honor those who fought to give us the freedom we enjoy today.

I have two great-uncles who fought in the Vietnam War. They are heroes. One of them, sadly, passed away some time ago due to injuries he suffered from combat. His brother served in the Marines and served in Vietnam too, after graduating from West Point Academy in NY. Both he and his wife offered and gave their time and resources selflessly to the vets in their neighborhood. They are both such good, good people. Until Covid hit, he would use his minivan to take them to doctors’ appointments, bring food to their homes and help them in any way he could.

These two men exemplify what this day is about. Their service and sacrifice are what I and many others salute on this Memorial Day weekend.

Behind that selfless giving, is a desire for people to be able to live free, be happy and raise strong families built upon understanding, acceptance, and love.

We must not take the freedoms we have for granted. Just like those who fought for these freedoms—so must we fight every day. That could mean fighting against injustice, standing up against domestic violence, or using your voice to speak out for something you strongly believe in.

I continue to advocate for domestic violence victims. Unlike the two great-uncles mentioned above, my father, Mike Rinder has proven to have no such courage or compassion to help others but instead attacks my mom after deserting his two children and wife, leaving her physically damaged for the rest of her life. He victim shames her incessantly and fights against the Freedom of his own children to be, do and believe in what we want to believe in.

So, today I honor those with a big heart and the courage to help bring about the freedom we all enjoy.