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Who is Karen de la Carriere and what does she have to do with my abusive father Mike Rinder?

Offering herself as a paid mistress, financing haters, and being prolific in perpetrating perversions on social media—this is Karen de la Carriere, one of Mike Rinder’s attack dogs.

We are all aware of the growing minority of people who use social media to spread disinformation and amplify hate against others. Mike Rinder’s use of Karen de la Carriere is a microcosm of just that.

However, there is a really paradoxical element to Mike’s relationship with Karen. During the time he worked with her, it was well known in my family that he despised Karen. He did not hold back on his mockery, and there were no kind words uttered about Karen de la Carriere. Yet here he is, sidling up to her.

It makes no sense. Unless you realize the pretend friendship is a means to an end: getting money from her to support his hate and help in his attacks on his own family.

While Karen de la Carriere thinks she “owns him,” it’s time to really think about the situation she is in…who benefits…and I think you’ll find the answer to that is Mike Rinder, not Karen.

— Taryn



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