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What does Stefani Ann Hutchison Have to Do with my Abusive Father?

One way that my father Mike Rinder gets things “taken care of” is to manipulate vulnerable and mentally unstable individuals to do his dirty work, such as the time he all but bribed an elderly lady with dementia to help him violate my grandmother’s living quarters—after he had been denied access by the management! Knowing her own son did this greatly upset my grandmother.

Now onto Stefani Ann Hutchison: she is a 50-plus-year-old woman who lives in North Carolina. And, per her own statements, her family has a history of mental health issues.

From everything I’ve seen on social media, it is definitely clear Stefani has an unhealthy infatuation with my father Mike Rinder. He has her wrapped around his finger in his campaign of hate against his own family.

Mike uses Stefani to front for him—almost literally—as she is behind almost all attacks against me and the truth I tell about my father. The useless and denigrating comments she makes about what clothes I wear or how much I am paid are, while sad, nevertheless malicious and evil when they turn into victim shaming. Stefani is now guilty of repeated hate against my mother, the woman damaged for life by Mike Rinder.

So yes, what Stefani does is unconscionable. But the blame goes to Mike Rinder. How could he continue to use this type of person for his own hate? This has got to end.

Everyone knows, it is the all-too-typical story, that when someone is infatuated with another, they are more easily malleable—and that is the story of Mike Rinder and Stefani Ann Hutchison.

Don’t let men who harm women manipulate vulnerable, troubled individuals into spreading hate for them.


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