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My Father, Mike Rinder Makes Money At The Expense Of His Family

We’re now into December 2020 and I hope you are all staying warm, healthy and safe.

Today, I am covering right and wrong. Wrong is making money at the expense of your family. That is the livelihood of Mike Rinder.

He continues on a daily basis pretty much hands down to attack myself, my brother, my mother, all of our family and what we believe in. Everything that we work for every day. He continuously gets enriched by doing that. That is what he does for a living. That is what he does to get money to live. It is disgusting. No real father would do that.

According to the law unjust enrichment is basically when somebody becomes enriched at the expense of somebody else and in a circumstance where the law considers that to be unjust.

By the same token and by common sense, somebody who then is enriched at the expense of their family would be to me unjust enrichment.

Mike Rinder, my father, spends his time harassing his family and telling lies about us on various forums—insulting us. He actually gets supported to do that and to carry out those mean, nasty, hateful things that he does. He's being enriched unjustly and at the expense of our family, me, my brother, my mom and the rest of my family. And that's really not right.

When he, Mike Rinder, attacks his wife of thirty years, jumps on her, breaks her shoulder, damages her nerves for life, gouges her flesh and causes her pain for thirteen years so far and then uses that on media, on whatever platform he has to make fun of her, to forward his own ends to harass our family. You name it. He is shaming the victim, all for enrichment. That is unjust enrichment plain and simple.

And yet, my father, Mike Rinder, continues to be enriched by people that very obviously don’t care that he’s a perpetrator of domestic violence and they turn a blind eye minimally or they’re in agreement with it. And that’s also not right. Nobody should be enriched for harassing their family, nobody.

And, you know, I wanted to raise awareness about that point because right now my father, Mike Rinder, his only income source as far as I know, is because of and when he harasses me and brother and my mom and his family. And not only who were are but what we believe in, what we work on, what are our goals are.

Each person has the right to their own beliefs and their own feelings and thoughts and viewpoints about things and that should not be held up in contempt by anybody much less your father, like mine, Mike Rinder. And then to be enriched because of it and be supported because of it. That’s just not cool.

This is why I use my voice or whatever platform I have with my justice4mom campaign to expose Mike Rinder and his lies and actually really show the real person that he is and his character and, you know, what he will unabashedly do to make fun of, harm or destroy his family for money.

So, let’s not let people get unjustly enriched by attacking, harming, hurting, maiming their family members and let’s end any support for Mike Rinder and men who domestically abuse their partners.

Let’s concentrate this holiday season on hope and helping others.




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