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My father Mike Rinder is still using Leah Remini as an attack dog to shame My Mother

Here is the next in my series of videos laying bare the truth about those who get used by my father, Mike Rinder, to attack and spread hate against his family.

You only need to watch this woman for a few minutes to see that she is offensive, vulgar, and bigoted. That woman is Leah Remini. Not surprisingly, this attack dog was the “pick of the litter” for my father to use in his disturbing vendetta against his family and our lives.

If there is one thing you can say about my father, besides the fact that he is cold and cruel, it is that he knows how to use people. And use Leah Remini he does—even though she has never met me, never spoken to me, and has definitely never met nor spoken to my mother.

But that hasn’t stopped her from letting the insults fly, excusing her hate speech as “being a New Yorker” (yet, true New Yorkers, like my mother and her family, have a good heart).

So you have to wonder, why is Remini so willing to be used this way? Might it have to do with the fact that she has been known to abuse her own family? Just look up the videos from her own father.

For Mike, it is the perfect setup—get another woman, who is already known to be abrasive, to attack his ex-wife, the victim of his domestic violence. Meanwhile, he can hide behind Leah Remini.

So that’s why I am exposing Mike Rinder: please don’t support anyone who hates and denigrates their own families.


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