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Mother’s Day

I want to wish you all a happy Mother’s Day. And this Mother’s Day I actually wrote a letter to my mom as a tribute to her and for my video this week I wanted to read that letter to her because she means the world to me.

Dear Mom,

You have filled my life with joy, comfort and love.

I love you because you’ve always, always been there for me.

If I needed a shoulder you were there.

If Ben needs anything you are also there.

I love you for being strong and resilient despite having been domestically abuse by your husband at that time and my father, Mike Rinder.

I love you because you’re kind, compassionate—from helping the little girl in the bed next to me in the hospital, Jamala. I know you remember her—to always including my friends in your love for me. You always include them.

I love the way that you cherish Ben and I and would do and do do anything for us.

I love that you're so educated, mindful and intelligent. Ben and I can always turn to you for questions and you know the answer. And you always help us.

I love you for believing in Ben and I and always supporting us in our goals, dreams, lives and our beliefs.

I love you because you're you and for all of that I have your back and you have my eternal love.

Your one and only, Taryn Kelly.

For everybody else, do something nice for your mom. Make sure that anybody that has hurt her doesn’t get supported and speak out against them. Tell the truth about them. And don’t let your mom or any mother get harmed.

Have a really wonderful Mother's Day.

And to all the mothers out there I thank you and I wish you a happy Mothers' Day.


Happy Mother’s Day!


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