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International Women’s Day #ChooseToChallenge

Today around the world, women are celebrated regardless of division, whether it be linguistic, ethnic, religious or economic.

Women are women and they are celebrated.

The women of our culture have done something of importance. They are special. They are mothers or teachers and they have to be celebrated. They have to be cared for and not domestically abused.

And justice4mom actually has two women stories involved in it because we have my mom who’s the victim of a domestic violence attack by my father, Mike Rinder, and her story; and then we have my story as her daughter, being a voice to speak out against domestic violence and against Mike Rinder.

This year’s Women’s Day 2021, the theme is #ChooseToChallenge.

And so I decided I’m going to choose to challenge Mike Rinder to own up to his abuse and own up to the fact that he abused his wife of 30 years and the mother of two of his children.

I choose to challenge Mike Rinder to stop harassing and hating me, my brother and my family—his family.

I choose to challenge all the people that are supporting Mike Rinder, supporting an abusive man. I choose to challenge you to stop supporting Mike Rinder and stop supporting an abusive man.

Wishing you a happy Women’s Day 2021. Women are beautiful. They deserve to be loved. They don't deserve to be domestically abused.

So let’s care for everybody and keep our women beautiful and happy.

Go women, go!


International Women’s Day


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