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International Human Rights day – 10 Dec

#InternationalHRDay. The is an occasion to educate others on issues concerning Human Rights, to raise awareness of any violations of Human Rights and to mobilize resources to address such concerns.

Taking action against Domestic Violence and ensuring perpetrators are held accountable are key such undertaking.

Speaking out against my father, Mike Rinder, and his domestic violence, signifies my solidarity with this day and everything others are doing to forward it: Assisting others in any way to bring about their Human Rights; Encouraging others to do something about violence, haters and domestic abuse; And letting them know it is ok to speak up against those who support men who abuse women.

It is a violation of a person’s Human Rights to be harmed in any way by another—and yes, we need to tell people that.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is an important part of our history and our future. Eleanor Roosevelt, who was dubbed “First Lady of the World,” was a principal architect and served as chair of the declaration’s drafting committee. It was 10 December, 1948, when the document was finally signed and officiated. Since it’s signing, the UDHR has remained a touchstone for actions by governments, individuals and nongovernmental groups, ensuring that in the generations to come, every individual knows and has their Human Rights.

Take action this 2021 International Human Rights Day!


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