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How does a man who mistreated his own children get a position with a “child advocacy” group?

My father, Mike Rinder, was in Philadelphia this past week at a CHILD USA fundraiser, supposedly because he cares about children—but that is a pretense and a fraud. It was utterly insulting to me that his name is even in the same sentence as “child advocacy.” It disgusts me to my core that CHILD USA would even remotely give him a position on its board to represent the interests of children .

Who to judge this more truthfully than me, his own child.

How does a man who physically assaulted the mother of his two children get appointed a board member of an apparent child advocacy group? These facts don’t add up.

Let me walk you through some of my experiences as his daughter and you will see why his position as a board member infuriates me and rubs metaphorical salt in my own wounds.

  • When I was 7 years old I was severely injured in a violent hit-and-run by a speeding car. I nearly died. I was in the hospital for weeks fighting to survive—this was followed by a year of excruciating burn treatments, surgery and physical therapy. Times like this are when one needs the love of their parents. But… I have not one memory of my father, Mike Rinder, being there when I, his daughter, needed him most. On the other hand, I do recall my mom staying with me day and night, rain or shine.

  • As children growing up, my brother and I were constantly chastised, put down and ignored by our father, Mike Rinder. He would torment me about my weight, ignore me when I called, put down gifts I would give him; he would mock my brother for how he wanted to dress, how he cut his hair and what activities he liked. And while these might seem like “little” things that showed he did not care, it was continual through our lives. The point is that he really did not care about us. So much so that he simply left.

  • One day, my father, Mike Rinder, walked out on my mother, me and my brother. Never came back. Never said goodbye. Never said he was sorry for what he had done. What would anyone think about a “father” then?

  • At the age of 24 my brother was diagnosed with a rare form of malignant melanoma. This is a very aggressive cancer and doctors gave him a few years to live. My father, Mike Rinder, upon hearing about this, took absolutely no action of any kind, small or large, to ensure his well-being and that he would survive. My brother ended up getting 4 surgeries and over 30 radiation treatments to beat his cancer. Mike flatly stated he did not want to talk to my mom when she was trying to tell him of their son’s dire circumstances. Mike did not so much as write a note wishing my brother well in his recovery.

  • The only thing Mike’s solid black heart could think of to do was to go and harass my brother—harass his son on the brink of his recovery—with a video camera and a few bully friends no less. Why? To try to “prove” to the press (not his son) that he “really cared” about him.

  • After all that, when my mom tried to talk to Mike in person, he roughly grabbed her and viciously attacked her—right in front of me. He put her into a bodily “lock” by gripping her arms with such force she could not move. The violence he perpetrated on my mom left her right arm/shoulder crippled for life. She has already had years of medical attention and surgery due to his domestic violence attack. He now victim-shames my mom—the victim of his violence.

  • As for his children, he can’t seem to stop attacking me, denigrating my life, my beliefs. And not only that, he has others—total strangers—attack me and my family and seems to relish this.

How does a man who spent some two decades having mistreated his own children and who then deserted them (with not a whisper of concern or love) get a position with a “child advocacy” group? How does a man who physically assaulted the mother of his two children get appointed a board member of an apparent child advocacy group? These facts don’t add up.

As Mike Rinder’s daughter, I find his gleeful posturing disgusting and a disgrace. I just can’t believe the contradiction playing out before my eyes.

If CHILD USA cares so little about who goes on their board and what they represent, someone should look deeper into CHILD USA. (I wonder how much Mike Rinder gets paid or compensated to pretend for them?) I can imagine we might all be appalled by what was found.

Mike Rinder’s approach to life has stayed consistent through the years: He will do anything, at the expense of anyone (especially his family), to satiate his own desires, may they be monetary, vengeance, or personal reputation—apparently this now includes hijacking other victims to improve his image.

Stop the support of Mike Rinder—a man who masquerades as a child advocate while he has a history of abuse.

— Taryn Teutsch


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