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Have a love-filled Father’s Day!

Nothing can replace the love between a father and their children. When it is present—it is priceless. Take the time this weekend to strengthen this bond with your father. Cherish him; don’t take that kind, supportive, loving father for granted.

Support strong family relationships and homes free of domestic violence and hate. A strong father-child relationship is important to the growth and well-being of children.

Let’s appreciate and celebrate the fabulous men in every country who are true fathers. A father’s unconditional love outshines any other quality.

After decades of showing no love to my brother or me, my father, Mike Rinder, walked out on his whole family, then attacked and continued to harass each of us. So it is important for me to encourage fathers to NOT be like my father—instead, show your children love, support them, and encourage them. To do otherwise can have a lasting negative effect on those who are our future.

From a daughter with no dad to celebrate today, my message is to be the best dad you can be. Love your children and the women who bore your children. At the very least, don’t harm them, attack them, harass them and victim shame them.


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